Sunday, 4 October 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Schedule made by @ArzKiaHai Muzammil Bari

5th Oct #WAQT (aspects of time eg. Lamha, ghadi, pal, din, raat, mahina, saal, sadi, baras, etc)

6th Oct #ROOHANIYAT (couplets that talk of human relation with the Almighty; devotion, faith etc)

7th Oct #BegumAkhtar (Birth anniversary) (share audio/video links to ghazals sung by Begum Akhtar)

8th Oct
#Takabbur - pride (MuhMiyanMitthu) (Share couplets wherein poet indulges in excessive pride and self-satisfaction in one's achievements, possessions, patience or abilities)
#inkesaari - humility  (Any famous poet’s self-deprecating couplets wherein he belittles undervalues /underestimates himself)

9th Oct #SHAIRA (only works of poetesses from the subcontinent)

10th Oct #JagjitSingh (Death anniversary) Share ghazals sung by him that mostly talk of the irony of life and death.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Schedule by Muzammil Bari @ArzKiaHai
He will moderate too

28th Sept # SHAKHSIYAT (names of famous/historic/mythological/religious personalities. Kindly note takhallus/pen name of shayar should NOT be used)

29th Sept # QUDRAT (couplets having words like shafaq, afaq, pahad, nadi, pedh, kohr, shabnam, sehra, oas, jungle, bayaban, gul, kaanta, hawa, pani, ghata, badal, bijli etc)

30th Sept # HAIWAAN (names of animals, birds, insects, eg. Titli, bicchoo, koyel, more, bulbul, baaz, shaheen, hiran, etc)

1st Oct # ROZGAAR (names of professions, eg. Mazdoor, hakeem, lohar, sunaar, gul farosh, shayar, adakaar, katib, musannif, qasid, munsif, gulokaar, wakeel etc)

2nd Oct (Gandhi Jayanti) # AMAN (couplets that talk about aman, sukoon, ahinsa, bhaichara, unity)  

3rd Oct # SAMUNDER (all marine things eg safeena, kashti, nao, nakhuda, toofan, bhanwar, mauj, lehar, machli, sahil)

5th Oct
# WAQT (aspects of time eg. Lamha, ghadi, pal, din, raat, mahina, saal, sadi, baras, etc)

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

#SUKHAN (words related to poetry eg. Matl’a, maqta, sher, misr’a, radeef, qafiya, baher, wazn, rubayi, ghazal, nazm, tarannum etc.)
Based on suggestions by Muzammil Bari @ArzKiaHai

#MAQTA (share only matkaas of famous poets) last verse where poets takhallus is given

#JAGJITCHITRA (Only duet ghazals sung by the couple. But mandatory to share audio/video link. We always read couplets... for a change let members enjoy watching/listening)

(works of poets – first name/takhallus beginning with alphabet A-H only)

#radeef - hai
Only verses where the #radeef is 'HAI'


Only the first couplet of any ghazal
Where both lines rhyme

Monday, 7 September 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Prepared by @mykhyd
Mohd. Younus Khalid

14th -  #Naatawaan (kamzor/ budhhe/old/weak)

15th - #qaba ( any verse with reference to an item of dress or clothing or cloth)

16th -  #Muztarib (restless)

17th -  #BekhudDehlvi 17/9/1857--------10/11/1912 
#Abid Ali Abid 17/9/1906--------20/1/1971

18th - #KakaHathrasi. 18/9/ 1906, Hathras
Died: 1995
#tanzOmazah (satire & humour)

19th -  #Sadaf ( any verse with reference to precious stones/ gems)

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Schedule prepared by @ArzKiaHai  Muzammil Bari

#shair members kindly share couplets having words mentioned in brackets under each hash tag. Kindly try not to repeat the words already used by other members. Avoiding repetition will ensure a variety of couplets.

7th Sept  #SAWAAL (All `Wh’ questions eg. Kya, kaun, kab, kaise, kyon, kahan, kisne, kitna etc.)

8th Sept  #RANG ( any color, eg. Lal/surkh, siyaah/kala, safed, zard, neela, hara, etc)

9th Sept  #SINGAAR (any ornament like payal, haar, pazeb, bindiya, kangan, jhumka, chooriyan, etc.)

10th Sept #JISM (various body parts excluding zulf eg. Haath, pao, kalayi, honth/lub, zaban, kamar, kandha, aankh, peth, zanu, anguli, hatheli, seena, etc)

11th Sept #ADAD (any number like ek, do, sau, hazar, karodon, beshumar, anginat, saikdon, lakh, etc)

12th Sept #RISHTA (bhai, dost, maa, ustad, parosi, husband-wife, etc.)

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Schedule prepared by Harleen
31st Sept : Antakshari Mushaira #Baitbazi (You have to tweet a sher'r starting with the last letter of the previous sher'r just like simple antakshari. This will make us interact with each other.)
Method-- the persons you tag have to reply with the next one and tag someone else. 

1st Sept: #KaifiAzmi Sahab

2nd: Sept: #Yakjaan ( all verses show casing team spirit)/ #jeet 

3rd Sept: #MeenaKumari 

4th Sept: #Waaiz / #Ustad  on occasion of Teachers Day

5th Sept: #Irfan ( Irfan means gnosis or spiritual knowledge, related to enlightenment , knowledge, discernment - so all verses which refer to that)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

is hafte #shair mein

For the next month its going to be the Urdu alphabet as suggested by @gulrayys bhai 
I have made this week's all are welcome to send input for the other weeks 

27th -   - alif - a - 

آبرو شاہ مبارک

alif se #Abroo Shah Mubarak (1685-1733) Delhi
One of the founding fathers of Urdu poetry, contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir. 
Theme #abroo  - eyebrows 

28th ب - be ब -  
be se بے چین bechain बेचैन

29th ت - te त   
te se  غلام ربانی تاباںؔs photo غلام ربانی تاباںؔ
Ghulam Rabbani #Tabaan  
تلوک چند محرومs photo تلوک چند محروم
Trilok Chandra #Mehroom

30th ٹ -   ट    
ṭ se #tootna

31st   ث - se स  
ثروت حسینs photo ثروت حسین

 ثاقب لکھنوی
 ثروت زہرا

1st  ج - jiim -  ज  
goblet, bowl, cup

next week

چ - che - च  3rd #chehra

ح - he - ह  4th  #HabibJalib  جالب  حبئب

خ - khe -ख़ 5th  #khatra

د - d - द 6th  #Dagh Dehelvi  داغؔ دہلوی

ڈ  - ḍ -ड 7th  #dar ڈر

ذ - z -ज़ 8th 

10th - ر  र rei

11th - س स seen - #sawan

12th - ش श     sheen - #sharm  ( haya)

13th - ط तो to - #taqat  ( power/ strength of mind and character not just body)

14th - ظ ज़ zoe - #zulm #zalim

15th - #Azadi 

Next week 

17th ع ऐन   ain se #umr

18th غ se (ghain) #Ghalib

19th - ف फ़ se #fitrat ( aadat/ character traits like anger, kindness, cruelty etc)

20th ق क q se #QatilShifai

21st - گ   गा  g  se #garajbaraj  ( badal / barq / lightening/ thunder storms etc)

22nd - ل ल l se #lutf ( maza / aaram / pleasure/ fun etc)

Iss hafte

24th - م म  m se 
#Mahlaqa Chanda
#Mahshar Badayuni

25th - ن  न n se 
#nazuk ( delicate) 

26 th - و व w se Wali Daccani # WaliDaccani

27th - ے ए y se
#yaar ( dost)

28th - #Firaq Gorakhpuri (birth  anniversary )

29th - #HindiGhazal