Saturday, 6 December 2014

#shair schedule for 8th to 27th December

as I am traveling and not able to access my blog I am posting schedule for 3 weeks.
Continuing our  theme for a week with different aspects of it daily next week is a schedule based on suggestion by Fauzia Samad Khan @fskhan_

Theme: jism 8th : 1#dil 9th : 2 10th : 3 11th : 4 12th : 5 / lips 13th : 6

Theme Opposites/ #mutazaad
so we have to tweet on synonyms and antonyms
( this is based on suggestion by @saket_g

15th : #apna #paraya
16th : #wafa #bewafa
17th : #khushi #gham
18th : #main #tum
19th : #zindagi #maut
20th : #subah #shaam

This suggestion is by member Anand Halve
is misre se ek hafte ke liye suggestions: 'Badaltaa hai aasmaa.n kaise kaise...'

22nd : - aasmaan,#falak, ambar

23rd : #barq, bijli

24th : ghata, #baadal
#Qateel Shifai ( birth anniversary)

25th - #taara / kahkashan (in honor of the star of the East seen when Jesus was born )
#masiha ( Christmas)

26 : - #ParvinShakir (death anniversary)
#MunirNiazi ( death anniversary)

27th  - #Ghalib ( birth anniversary)

As per suggestions from senior members a few points 1. Instead of tagging everyone on weekly schedules, members may look it up on blog every week. I will post one link tweet only

2. We all RT the schedule ourselves and tag new people who may have an appreciation of poetry but no idea such a platform exists. Everyone sends in as many suggestions as possible

3. In case this handle doesnt follow u please inform will do so Then u can dm suggestion

4. Also dont tag one person in more than 2 verses. Try and tag new people who can participate & enjoy

5. Please give name of poet and meanings of difficult words. Lets increase the scope of this forum

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

iss hafte mein #shair

As per the suggestion of Mr. Saket Gupta an enthusiastic and valued member of #shair
there will be one theme for the week with different aspects of it as daily topics
the Theme is Paani

1st : #nadi

2nd : #qatra

3rd : #samandar / saagar / bahr

4th : #shabnam / oss 

5th : #bulbula / bubble

6th : #aansu 

Please do send in more interesting suggestions for schedules.