Sunday, 29 December 2013

#shair schedule for 30th Dec to 4th jan 2014

30th : #Mir Taqi Mir

31st : #qadeem (purana , old) and #Jadeed (naya, new )

1st : #Hasrat Mohani #birthAnniversary 1/1/1875 - 13/5/1951
#Rahat Indori 1/1 1950 #birthAnniversary

2nd : #ahd ( promise , resolution ) 

3rd : #Top10 ( your favorite ten verses in order of preference with No1 being your top choice )

4th : Gopal Das #Neeraj #birth anniversary 
Khushbir Singh #Shaad

Sunday, 22 December 2013

#shair schedule for 23rd to 28th December #Jashne Ghalib

This being the week of Ghalib's birthday the  week is dedicated to him, his verses and some of the symbols/ imagery he used

23rd : #mizghan #palkein #aankhen #JashneGhalib

24th : all verses which explains Ghalib's vision of religion as an all encompassing humane religion, not just in the narrow confines of the vaiz' mind

#ibadat #JashneGhalib

25th : #NaushadAli #birthanniversary ( lyrics and his shayri)

26th :  : #mai #maikhana #JashneGhalib

27th  :   #Ghalib #JashneGhalib 

28th : any verse showcasing Ghalib's wit and sense of humour #zaraafat  #JashneGhalib

Saturday, 14 December 2013

#shair schedule from 16th Dec to 21st Dec

16th :  Ali Sardar Jafri #ASJafri

17th : #mulaqaat 

18th : Kalim #Ajiz and #Azm Behzad

19th : #rukhsat 
20th :   Iftikhar #Arif 

21st : #ByMe ( can be serious and tukbandi) 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

#shair schedule from 9th to 14th Dec

9th : #awaaz

10th : #Riyaz Khairabadi & Mohammed Rafi #Sauda

11th : #ibteda / #inteha

12th : #Rasheed Rampuri & #Asad Bhopali 

13th : any verse starting with letter 'd' द د 

14th : Jaun Elia 14/12/1931 ---------8/11/2002

Saturday, 30 November 2013

#shair schedule from 2nd to 8th Dec 2013

2nd : #Naujavan  Shayer  #Abhishek Shukla,  #Salim Saleem , Ghalib #Ayaz , #Ranjit Chauhan
( you can add the names of any other young shayers that you know )

3rd : #aurat

4th : any verse which has reference to or name of a city, town, country, village #shaher

5th : #Josh Malihabadi ( #Birth anniversary)
& #Majaz (#death anniversary)

6th : #tanz ( any verse which has satire / tanz o mazah as its theme )

7th : No schedule for Sat  since we have included Sunday……. you tweet as per your desire

8th : #NasirKazmi (#Birth Anniversary)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

#shair schedule from 25th Nov to 30th Nov

25th : #jung ( war ) 

26th : #MRana Munawwar Rana #birthday

27th : #Bachchan HariBansh Rai Bachchan #birthanniversary

28th : any verse which refers to darkness/ black #tareeki

29th : #AkhtarShirani

30th : #aseer ( prisoners) & #zanjeer ( chains) 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

#shair schedule for 18th to 23rd Nov

18th : #Himayat Ali Shayer & #Asar Lucknavi

19th : any verse which refers to either humility or arrogance 
#inkisaari #gharoor 

20th : Ahmed #Nadeem Qasmi ( birth anniversary) 
Faiz Ahmed #Faiz ( death anniversary) 

21st : #ajal ( maut, marg, death, mrtyu) 

22nd : #Rajesh Reddy

23rd : misra #tarah
" apni khushi ke saath mera gham nibaah do "


24th : #Parveen Shakir #birth anniversary

Saturday, 9 November 2013

#shair schedule 11th to 16th Nov

11th : #Josh Malihabadi 

12th : #qurbani 

13th : #
Faiz Ahmad Faiz 13/2/1911------------20/11/1984 

14th : #shuja ( bahadur, veer) 

15th : #giriya ( rona , aah o zaari) & #marsiya

16th : #Akbar Allahabadi 16/11/1846-----------9/12/1921

Sunday, 27 October 2013

#shair schedule from 28th Oct to 3rd Nov : Diwaali week

Monday 28 October - Ibrahim #Zauq
Tuesday 29 October - #dil
Wednesday 30 October - #BegumAkhtar ghazals ( please give name of poet) 
Thursday 31 October - #Gulzar
Friday 1 November - #Daulat
Saturday 2 November - #Roshni  
Sunday 3 November - #DiwaliSongs

This scgedule prepared by @sai_ki_bitiya 

Monday, 14 October 2013


4th November-- #AmeerImam and Amir #Qazalbash 
5th November--#MyFav  & #ByMe for those who write verse themselves
6th November-- any verse which has 2 opposite words in it. For example wafa & jafa, sabr & betaab, 
Raushni aur andhera..... But both opposite words should be present in the verse #opposites
-- Aashiqi sabr talab tamanna betaab

7th November--#zeest/zindagi  
8th November--#JaunElia..Death Anniv..
 9th November--Iqbal #Iqbal..#BirthAnniversary 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

#shair schedule 21st to 26 th October

21- #Iltija 
22- #Rahi Masoom Raza, #Wamiq Jaunpuri & Sanaullah Dar #Mirajii
23- #Waqt
24- Birth anniversary Bahadur Shah Zafar #BahadurShah
25- Death anniversary Sahir Ludhianvi #Sahir
26- #Talluq/sambandh

This schedule has been prepared by @veiledDesires_ 

#shair schedule for 14th to 19th October

 14th Oct :#fateh / #vijay .       
15th Oct : #tauba 
16th Oct :   #bandagi - ishq e haqiqi, love of creator 
 17th Oct : #Siraj aurangabadi.                     
 18th Oct  #Saqi farooqi +#ShakeelJamali                          
  19th Oct : #Mahshar badayuni + Noman #Shouq
Schedule prepared by @DoctorNayab

#shair schedule for 14th to 19th October

 14th Oct :#fateh / #vijay .       
15th Oct : #tauba 
16th Oct :   #bandagi - ishq e haqiqi, love of creator 
 17th Oct : #Siraj aurangabadi.                     
 18th Oct  #Saqi farooqi +#ShakeelJamali                          
  19th Oct : #Mahshar badayuni + Noman #Shouq
Schedule prepared by @DoctorNayab

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Shikwa by Allama Iqbal

Sent by Ali Mohammed @AliPoetry 

Iqbal's Shikwa and Jawaab-e-Shikwa - Translated by Khushwant Singh

Why must I forever lose, forever forgo profit that is my due,
Sunk in the gloom of evenings past, no plans for the morrow pursue.
Why must I all attentive be to the nightingales lament,
Friend, am I as dumb as a flower? Must I remain silent?
My theme makes me bold, makes my tongue more eloquent,
Dust fills my mouth, against Allah I make complaint. 

We won renown for submitting to Your willand it is so;
We speak out now, we are compelled to repeat our tale of woe.
We are like the silent lute whose chords are full of voice;
When grief wells up to our lips, we speak; we have no choice.
Lord God! We are Your faithful servants, for a while with us bear,
It is in our nature to always praise You, a small plaint also hear.

That Your Presence was primal from the beginning of time is true;
The rose also adorned the garden but of its fragrance no one knew.
Justice is all we ask for. You are perfect, You are benevolent.
If there were no breeze, how could the rose have spread its scent?
We Your people were dispersed, no solace could we find,
Or, would Your Beloveds following have gone out of its mind?

Before our time, a strange sight was the world You had made:
Some worshipped stone idols, others bowed to trees and prayed.
Accustomed to believing what they saw, the peoples vision wasnt free,
How then could anyone believe in a God he couldnt see?
Do you know of anyone, Lord, who then took Your Name? I ask.
It was the muscle in the Muslims arms that did Your task.

Here on this earth were settled the Seljuqs and the Turanians,
The Chinese lived in China, in Iran lived the Sassanians.
The Greeks flourished in their allotted regions,
In this very world lived the Jews and Christians.
But who did draw their swords in Your Name and fight?
When things had gone wrong, who put them right?

Of all the brave warriors, there were none but only we.
Who fought Your battles on land and often on the sea.
Our calls to prayer rang out from the churches of European lands
And floated across Africas scorching desert sands.
We ruled the world, but regal glories our eyes disdained.
Under the shades of glittering sabres Your creed we proclaimed.

All we lived for was no battle; we bore the troubles that came,
And laid down our lives for the glory of Your Name.
We never used our strength to conquer or extend domain,
Would we have played with our lives for nothing but worldly gain?
If our people had run after earths goods and gold,
Need they have smashed idols, and not idols sold?

Once in the fray, firm we stood our ground, never did we yield,
The most lion-hearted of our foes reeled back and fled the field.
Those who rose against You, against them we turned our ire,
What cared we for their sabres? We fought against canon fire.
On every human heart the image of Your oneness we drew,
Beneath the draggers point, we proclaimed Your message true.

You tell us who were they who pulled down the gates of Khyber?
Who were they that reduced the city that was the pride of Caesar?
Fake gods that men had made, who did break and shatter?
Who routed infidel armies and destroyed them with bloody slaughter?
Who put out and made cold the sacred flame in Iran?
Who retold the story of the one God, Yazdan?

Who were the people who asked only for You and no other?
And for You did fight battles and travails suffer?
Whose world-conquering swords spread the might over one and all?
Who stirred mankind with Allah-o-Akbars clarion call?
Whose dread bent stone idols into fearful submission?
They fell on their faces confessing, God is One, the Only One!

In the midst of raging battle if the time came to pray,
Hejazis turned to Mecca, kissed the earth and ceased from fray.
Sultan and slave in single file stood side by side,
Then no servant was nor master, nothing did them divide.
Between serf and lord, needy and rich, difference there was none.
When they appeared in Your court, they came as equals and one.

In this banquet hall of time and space, from dawn to dusk we spent,
Filled with the wine of faith, like goblets round we went.Over hills and plains we took Your message; this was our task.
Do you know of an occasion we failed You? is all we ask.
Over wastes and wildernesses of land and sea,
Into the Atlantic Ocean we galloped on our steed.

Jawab-e-Shikwa (The answer to the complaint)
Translated by Khushwant Singh

Words spoken from the heart never fail to have effect; 
Sacred and pure their origin, on lofty heights their sights are set. 
They have no wings and yet they have power to fly; 
They rise from the dust and pierce through the sky. 
So headstrong and insolent was my love, so much on mischief bent, 
So outspoken my plaint, it tore through the firmament. 

The aged vault of heaven heard. There is someone somewhere, said he. 
The planets spoke, Here on these ancient heights someone must be. 
Not here, said the moon, it must be someone from the earth below.
Spoke the Milky Way, It must be someone hidden here we do not know. 
Only the gatekeeper of Eden did some of my plaint recognize 
And understood that I was the man thrown out of paradise. 

He even rails against Allah, he has become so proud; 
Is he the same Adam before whom the angels bowed? 
He knows about things, their quantity and quality; 
Yes, these he knows, but nothing of the secret of humility. 
Their power of speech men always proudly flaunt, 
But of the way of the speaking they are quite ignorant. 

Spoke the Voice: Your tale is indeed full of sorrow; 
Your tears tremble at the brim and are ready to flow. 
Your cry of lament the sky has rung; 
What cunning your impassioned heart has lent your tongue! 
So eloquently did you word your plaint, you made it sound like praise. 
To talk on equal terms with Us, man to celestial heights did rise. 

Limitless is Our bounty, but none for it will pray. 
Theres no one on the seekers path; to whom do We point the way?
Not one proved worthy of the care with which they were raised; 
You are not the clay of which another Adam could be made. 
If there were one deserving, Wed raise him to regal splendor, 
To those who seek, We would unveil a new world of wonder. 

You have no strength in your hands; in your hearts God has no place; 
On the name of My messenger, you people have brought disgrace. 
Destroyers of false gods are gone; only the idol-maker thrives; 
The sons of Abraham have departed, Azars idolatrous breed survives. 
Strange the company you keep; from new vats a new vintage wine you brew; 
You have built yourselves a new Kaaba with new idols because you yourselves 
are new. 

There were days when this very Allah you regarded as sublime; 
The tulip of Islam was the pride of the desert in blossom time. 
There were days when every Muslim loved the only Allah he knew; 
Once upon a time He was your Beloved; the same Beloved you now call untrue. 
Now go and pledge your faith to serve some local deity 
And confine Muhammads following to some one locality. 

Who blotted out the smear of falsehood from the pages of history? 
Who freed mankind from the chains of slavery? 
The floors of My Kaaba with whose foreheads swept? 
Who were they who clasped My Koran to their breasts? 
Your forefathers indeed they were: tell Us who are you, We pray? 
With idle hands you sit awaiting the dawn of a better day. 

The only people in the world of every skill bereft are you. 
The only race which cares not how it fouls its nest are you. 
Haystacks that within them conceal the lightnings fires are you. 
Who love by selling tombs of their sires are you. 
If as traders of tombstones you have earned such renown. 
What is there to stop you in trading in gods made of stone? 

Heavy weighs the light of dawn, how loathe you are to rise? 
Why protest you love Us? It is your slumber that you prize. 
On your carefree spirit Ramadans fast does heavily press; 
Ask yourselves and answer: Is this the way of faithfulness? 
A people are bound by faith; without faith they cease to be; 
If nothing binds you, you are like meteors, not stars in a galaxy. 
Your mentors are immature: theres no substance in what they preach; 
No lightning flashes enlighten their minds. Theres no fire in their speech. 
Only a ritual the call to prayer; the spirit of Bilal has fled. 
Theres no end to philosophizing; Ghazzalis discourse remains unread. 
Now mourn the empty mosques. No worshippers fill them with prayer. 
The likes of noble Hejazi gentlemen are no longer there. 

You are one people, you share in common your weal and woe, 
You have one faith, one creed and to one Prophet allegiance owe. 
You have one sacred Kaaba, one God and one holy book, the Koran, 
Was it so difficult to unite in one community every single Mussalman? 
It is factions at one place; divisions into castes at another, 
In these times are these the ways to progress and to prosper? 

All of you drink the wine of bodily indulgence, lead lives of ease without 
You dare to call yourselves Muslims? Is this the Mussalmans way of life? 
You take neither Alis pledge of poverty, nor Osmans path of wealth pursue; 
What kinship of the soul can there be between your ancestors and you? 
As Muslims your forefathers were respected; 
You gave up the Koran and are by the world rejected.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

#Shair Schedule 7th to 12th Oct

Every year Dussehra schedule for #shair has been prepared by Saurabh Srivastava 
@saurabh_prayag . This year too its been prepared by him
Shair Schedule 7th to 12th Oct 
Date  Topic 
7th Oct-2013Mon#AshokVajpayi #Shailendra #Dushyant
8th Oct-2013TuesWomen poets (Including the one we have in #Shair) #shayera 
9th Oct-2013Wed#Khushi / Muskaan / tabassum 
10th Oct-2013ThurPooja / #Bhakti / Aastha / Ibadat / Prathna
11th Oct-2013Friday#Maa #Shakti ( Devotional intent ) 
12th Oct-2013Sat#NidaFazli / #MustafaZaidi #anniversaries

13th Oct 2013 #AmirMinai #deathanniv
14th : #vijay #fateh Dussehra

Sunday, 29 September 2013

#shair schedule for 30th Sept to 5th Oct

30th Sept : ( theme is mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna)) #Mazhab #inclusiveness
1st Oct #Shakeb Jalali 1/10/1934--------12/11/1966 #Birth anniversary

2nd Oct : #ummeed

3rd Oct : Imam Baksh #Nasikh and Haider Ali #Atish ( they were well known rivals)

4th oct : any verse which has reference to flora fauna #gul

5th Oct : #Adam Gondvi & #Asghar Gondvi

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Schedule for 23rd to 28th September

This week trying to keep opposites. Do tweet on both the topics to bring out the opposite meanings

23rd : #Aaghaz & #anjaam

24th : Khwaja Mir #Dard & #Wali Deccani

25th : #baqa & #fani ( mortal vs immortal - not poet Fani) 

26th : #Jaleel Manikpuri

27th : #wafa & # #jafa 

28th : all #Kashmiri poets 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

#shair Schedule for 16th Sept to 21st Sept

16th Sept : #justajuu

17th Sept #Bekhud Dehlvi 17/9/1857--------10/11/1912 ( birth anniversary) 
Abid Ali #Abid 17/9/1906--------20/1/1971
( birth anniversary)
#Hasrat Jaipuri ( death anniversary)

18th Sept : #Kaka Hathrasi. 18/9/ 1906, Hathras
Died: 1995 ( Birth anniversary)

19th Sept : #zakhm 

20th Sept : Farhat #Ehsas & #Adeem Hashmi 

21st Sept : #aman / chaen / shanti 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

#shair schedule for 9th Sept to 14th Sept. 2013

9th : any verse which features the name of a musical instrument,some art form,or cultural activity #Fankari
ex :
kisi naghme ki lai hai tera jism,
yaa sitaron ki kaanpti tasveer
( Akhtar Ansari on Uday Shankar)

Haan utha le rooh e moosiqi rabab e zarfishan
raqs ki tashreeh pe maail hai shaher ki zubaan
(Josh Malihabadi)

hashtag : #fankari

10th : #siyasat

11th : #Anwar Jalalpuri and #Pirzada Qasim

12th : #saadgi

13th :#Fani Badayuni 13/9/1879--------1941 ( birth anniversary) & #Sagar Siddiqui

14th : #mazahiya ( humorous and satirical poetry)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

#Shair Schedule for 2nd Sept to 7th Sept 2013

2nd Sept : #insaaf

3rd Sept: #Wasim Barelwi

4th Sept: #khizaan

5th Sept : #Obaidullah Aleem & #Munir Niazi

6th Sept: #saqi

7th Sept: #Amrita Pritam & Mahinder Singh Bedi #Sahar

Sunday, 25 August 2013

#shair Schedule for 26 th Aug to 31st Aug

#Sufi week in #shair to celebrate the Urs of Hazrat Amir Khusrau and Baba Bulleh Shah

26 th : Baba #Bulleh Shah

27th : #SultanBahu , Shah #Niyaz

28th : #Firaq Gorakhpuri ( birth anniversary)

29th #Sufi women poets  #LalaDed #Rabia al Basri , #Habba Khatoon
( you can add any other names that you know of)

30th : #Kabir  #Rumi and #Hafez

31st : #MyFav  #Sufi kalaam

The tags if possible will be poet plus #Sufi

Sunday, 18 August 2013

#shair schedule for 19th to 25 th Aug

19th Aug: #MyFav

20th Aug : Khwaja Mir #Dard and Khwaja Mohd Rafi #Sauda

21st Aug :#rishta ( Raksha bandhan )
22nd Aug :   #Yogesh Gaur ( lyricist ) and #Anand Bakshi 

23rd Aug :    #bezubaani

24th Aug : Tarahi mushaira - as a tribute to Hazrat Amir Khusrau whose Urs is on 25th and 26 th August we will keep misra : 
" Mohabbat ka wo sangam hai teri urdu zaban Khusro"
 ( this is official misra being used in The Urs ) 
A simpler one 
"saari duniya mein bhar raha hai rang"
#shair members are free to use either/ or both.

25 th Aug #Ahmed #Faraz (death anniversary)
Hazrat Amir #Khusrau ke kalam

Monday, 12 August 2013

Rehana Qamar " Koi sunta hi nahi "

Koi sunta hi nahin bol rahi hun kab se
Tez aandhi mein khadi dol rahi hun kab se

Zindagi kya hai, faqat tez hawa ki khwahish
Jisko khidki ki tarah khol rahi hun kab se

Koi milta nahin taabeer bataane waala
Main kisi khwaab mein par tol rahi'n hun kab se

Zindagi zehar bhara koi pyaala hai Qamar
Jis mein misri ki dali ghol rahi'n hun kab se

Maa ne mere liye baandhi thi nasihat jis mein
Iss gathri ko Qamar khol rahi'n hun kab se

Bahut kaha tha by Rehana Qamar

Bahut kaha tha ke mera dukh dar badar na karna,
Bahut kaha tha ke meri baatein udhar na karna

Bahut kaha tha ke paaniyon pe naa rah sakoge,
Bahut kaha tha ke meri aankhon mein ghar na karna

Bahut kaha tha ke pyar mein jii laga huwa hai,
Bahut kaha tha ke yeh qissa mukhtasar na karna

Bahut kaha tha ke aansuon ki chamak bahut hai,
Bahut kaha tha ke unke hote sehar na karna

Bahut kaha tha ke khud se baahir naa aa sakoge,
Bahut kaha tha ke apne andar safar naa karna

Bahut kaha tha ke yeh farq pahchaanti nahin hain,
Bahut kaha tha ke hawa'on ko humsafar naa karna

Bahut kaha tha ke log chehre ko dekhte hain,
Bahut kaha tha ke uski baatein Qamar naa karna

Sunday, 11 August 2013

12th Aug to 17th Aug 2013

12th Aug : Women poets ( excluding Parvin Shakir ) #shayera

13th Aug : #maa

14th Aug : Poets of the #azaadi movements :( #AShfaqullah Khan, Ram Prasad #Bismil, Chandrashekhar #Azad , Durga Sahai #Saroor, Trilok Chand #Mehroom, Brij Narain #Chakbast , Mohd Ali #Jauhar , Maulana #Zafar Ali Khan )

15th Aug : #desh . mulk / watan

16th Aug : #Hasrat Mohani ( one of the most important poets of #Azaadi - freedom struggle)

17th Aug : #saans

18th Aug : Gulzar # HappyBdayGulzar 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

#Shair schedule from 5th to 10th August 2013

5th August : #Ameer Kazalbash & #Wasi Shah

6th August : #insaan

7th August : #Kaif Bhopali & Mumtaz #Rashid

8th August : #chaand

9th August : #khushi

10th August : #Qamar Jalalwi

Monday, 29 July 2013

मुलाहिज़ा फ़रमाएं, ट्वीट किया है! Mulahaiza farmaaye Tweet kiya hai

This article ( link above ) on shair appeared on BBC Hindi website on 26th July 2013

वेबसाइट खोलने के लिए लिंक

मुलाहिज़ा फ़रमाएं, ट्वीट किया है!

अजय शर्मा

बीबीसी संवाददाता, दिल्ली

शुक्रवार, 26 जुलाई, 2013 को 10:19 IST तक के समाचार

जश्ने बहार मुशायरा

मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब की सहेली उर्दू अब सोशल मीडिया की भी सहेली है. उर्दू शायरी अब फ़ेसबुक पर धड़कती है और ट्विटर पर चहकती है. इस नए ठिकाने पर उसके हज़ारों दोस्त हैं और लाखों चाहने वाले.

राना सफ़वी इन्हीं में एक हैं, जिन्होंने एक साल पहले हैशटैग शायर के साथ एक ट्वीट हैंडल @shairoftheday शुरू किया. जो ट्विटर पर शायद सबसे मशहूर और सक्रिय ग्रुपों में एक है. जहां लोग शायरी की बारीक़ियों का मज़ा लेते हैं.
संबंधित समाचार

'ग़ालिब को भारत रत्न क्यों नहीं?'
उर्दू में क्यों बढ़ रही है दिलचस्पी?
सारे जहां में धूम उर्दू ज़बाँ की..!



यूं तो ट्विटर पर हर शायर का हैंडल मौजूद है, जैसे मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब, साहिर लुधियानवी, जिगर मुरादाबादी, अकबर इलाहाबादी और नए शायरों में वसीम बरेलवी, निदा फ़ाज़ली आदि.
'अस्पताल में तीन महीने #शायर के साथ'
राना सफ़वी

राना सफ़वी के मुताबिक़ उनके ट्वीट हैंडल के लोकप्रिय होने की वजह उसका एक ग्रुप की तरह काम करना है.

राना सफ़वी के मुताबिक वो इसलिए लोकप्रिय नहीं हो पा रहे क्योंकि पूरे ग्रुप को लेकर चलना होता है और अब उनका ट्वीट हैंडल एक परिवार की शक्ल ले चुका है.

राना सफ़वी ने बताया, ‘एक बार जयपुर से एक शख्स महेश पारीख का ट्वीट मेरे पास आया कि मैं अस्पताल में था और तीन महीने मैंने शायर के ट्वीट पढ़कर गुजारे हैं’

राना सफ़वी दुबई में रहती हैं मगर उनके ट्वीट हैंडल के फॉलोअर दुनिया के तक़रीबन हर हिस्से में हैं. हर रविवार को वो शेड्यूल बनाती हैं कि इस बार किस शायर के बारे में चर्चा होगी. हर सुबह वह अपना स्टेटस अपडेट करती हैं.

राना सफ़वी के मुताबिक़ उनके ट्वीट हैंडल पर ग़ालिब की डिमांड बहुत ज़्यादा है, लेकिन हम उन्हें तीन महीने से पहले दोबारा नहीं रखते. यहां तक कि 2011 में ग़ालिब की सदी के आयोजन के दौरान उन्होंने ट्रेंड कराने के लिए ग़ालिब के 500 शेर ट्वीट किए थे. उनके अलावा सभी ने 100 से 400 शेर तक शेर ट्वीट किए थे.
'अदब का लोकतंत्रीकरण किया ट्विटर ने'
आनंद पांडे

@shairoftheday के फॉलोअर आनंद पांडे का कहना है कि ट्विटर एक तरह का चौक है जहां उर्दू शायरी के मुरीद गुफ़्तगू कर सकते हैं.

शायर ऑफ़ द डे के फ़ॉलोअर आनंद पांडे यूं तो एक बड़ी कंपनी में काम करते हैं लेकिन ट्विटर पर क्लिक करें उर्दू शायरी की दुनिया में भी दखल रखते हैं.

आनंद पांडे कहते हैं, ‘ये मेरी दौलत है जो मुझे ट्विटर के ज़रिए मिली है. मैं कई शायरों के नाम भी नहीं जानता था. कई को लेकर मेरे पूर्वाग्रह थे. जबसे ट्विटर पर मैंने शायरी पर बातचीत में हिस्सा लिया तो मेरी समझ का विस्तार हुआ और गहराई बढ़ गई.’

आनंद पांडे के मुताबिक क्लिक करें उर्दू के ट्विटर को मकाम बनाने के बाद दो चीजें हुईं- एक तो अदब का लोकतंत्रीकरण हुआ. दूसरे ये जगह हिंदू-मुस्लिम और हिंदी बनाम उर्दू की रूढ़िवादिता से आज़ाद हो गई है. उनके लफ़्ज़ों में ये एक चौक है जहां साहित्यप्रेमी आते हैं और बातचीत करके चले जाते हैं.
'शायरी सिर्फ़ बुज़ुर्गों का काम नहीं'
वसीम बरेलवी

शायर वसीम बरेलवी कहते हैं कि सोशल मीडिया पर उर्दू शायरी के मुरीद सिर्फ़ उर्दू जानने वाले ही नहीं बल्कि हिंदी वाले भी हैं

क्लिक करें सोशल मीडिया के इसी चौक पर आपको कई क्लासिकी और मौजूदा क्लिक करें शायरों के पन्ने मिलेंगे. इनमें एक हैं- जाने-माने शायर वसीम बरेलवी, जिनके ट्विटर पर मुरीद खासी तादाद में हैं. वसीम बरेलवी सोशल मीडिया पर शायरी के बढ़ते कदमों को इन्क़लाब का दर्जा देते हैं.

वसीम बरेलवी कहते हैं, ‘मीर के जमाने में शायरी दिल्ली से रामपुर और लखनऊ का सफ़र दो-ढाई महीने में तय करती थी. आज सूरतेहाल यह है कि इधर आपके मुंह से बात निकली और उधर सारी दुनिया में पहुंच गई. पहले हम समझते थे कि शायरी तो उमररसीदा लोगों की चीज़ है, लेकिन नहीं, नई पीढ़ी किस-किस तरह शायरी तक पहुंचने की कोशिश कर रही है, ये खुशआईन बात है. और ऐसी पीढ़ी भी कोशिश कर रही है जिसकी ज़बान उर्दू नहीं.’

ये बात और है कि वसीम बरेलवी ख़ुद गाहे-बगाहे ही क्लिक करें फ़ेसबुक और क्लिक करें ट्विटर का चक्कर लगाते हैं. हालांकि कई नौजवान शायरों के लिए अपने मुरीदों तक पहुंचने का इससे बेहतर प्लेटफार्म नहीं.
'शायरी कोई वन-डे क्रिकेट नहीं'
मुनव्वर राना

शायर मुनव्वर राना कहते हैं कि उनके पास सोशल मीडिया के लिए वक़्त नहीं है और वह इसमें वक़्त ज़ाया भी नहीं करना चाहते.

शायर मोइद रशीदी के मुताबिक़ ऑनलाइन पब्लिसिटी का ज़रिया है सोशल मीडिया प्लेटफार्म. यह किताब की सूरत में नहीं है, पर इंटरनेट पर आ गई है. उनका कहना है कि इस माध्यम में चीजों को अस्थायी नहीं कहा जा सकता. वहां मौजूद वर्ग शेरो-शायरी का पूरी तरह आनंद लेता है, उस पर कमेंट करता है और उससे लगातार जुड़ा रहता है.

नए शायरों के विपरीत स्थापित शायरों में एक मुनव्वर राना को ट्विटर की ताक़त से तो इनकार नहीं, पर वह ख़ुद इसमें वक़्त ज़ाया नहीं करना चाहते. उनके मुताबिक़ उनका काम सृजनात्मक है और वह चाहते हैं कि उनके लिखे हुए का स्थायी महत्व हो. चाहे फिर उसे सदी बाद ही क्यों न पढ़ा जाए.

मुनव्वर राना ने कहा, ‘असल में ट्विटर एक नशा है. नशा है इसलिए कि हम उसका रेस्पांस चाहते हैं. यह उन लोगों के लिए अच्छा है जो शोहरत की बुलंदी पर बैठना चाहते हैं. हमारा काम क्रिएट करना है. हम लोग तो लिखने-पढ़ने वाले लोग हैं. जरूरी नहीं कि हमारा लिखा आज ही पढ़ा जाए क्योंकि शायरी कोई वनडे क्रिकेट नहीं है. इसलिए हमें उसे लोगों तक पहुंचाने की जल्दबाज़ी नहीं.’
निदा फ़ाज़ली

शायर निदा फ़ाज़ली मानते हैं कि उर्दू की अब अहमियत नहीं रह गई है. उसके ज़रिए लोग सियासत कर रहे हैं.

ट्विटर पर काफ़ी पसंद किए जाने वाले शायर क्लिक करें निदा फ़ाज़ली को ख़ुद इस मीडियम में यक़ीन नहीं है. वह कहते हैं कि उर्दू सियासत का खिलौना बना दी गई है और बाज़ार में भी उसकी अहमियत नहीं है.

इसके लिए फ़ाज़ली हिंदी सिनेमा का उदाहरण सामने रखते हैं. ‘उर्दू बाज़ार में नहीं है. बंबई में कब्रिस्तान है जिसने मधुबाला, मोहम्मद रफ़ी और साहिर भी दिए हैं. बाज़ार जब तराजू लेकर पहुंचा तो पता चला कि मधुबाला के चेहरे की क़ीमत ज़्यादा है तो उनकी क़ब्र मार्बल की हो गई. रफी की आवाज़ की क़ीमत ज़्यादा थी तो उनकी क़ब्र ग्रेनाइट की हो गई और साहिर की क़ब्र शब्दों की थी तो पांच बरसातों के बाद ही वह ज़मीन बन गई.’
'सोशल मीडिया पाठ्यक्रम का हिस्सा बने'

उर्दू की तालीम देने वाले क्या सोचते हैं? यह जानने के लिए बीबीसी ने दिल्ली यूनिवर्सिटी के उर्दू विभाग के प्रमुख प्रोफ़ेसर तौक़ीर अहमद से बात की. प्रोफ़ेसर तौक़ीर अहमद ने उर्दू के सोशल मीडिया से रिश्तों की पुरज़ोर तरफ़दारी की. यहां तक कि उनका कहना था कि इसे पाठ्यक्रम का हिस्सा भी बनाया जा सकता है.

प्रोफ़ेसर तौक़ीर के मुताबिक़ सोशल मीडिया पर उर्दू शेरो-शायरी को आगे बढ़ाने वाले हालांकि उर्दू रसमुल खत (लिपि) का इस्तेमाल नहीं करते लेकिन इसके बावजूद वह उर्दू ही होती है. इसके ज़रिए नई पीढ़ी उर्दू के क्लासिकी शायरों के बारे में जानने की कोशिश कर रही है. उनका कहना है कि उनका काम है कि उर्दू शब्दों के उच्चारण का सही ज्ञान दें.
दिल्ली यूनिवर्सिटी के उर्दू विभाग के प्रमुख प्रोफ़ेसर तौक़ीर अहमद

दिल्ली यूनिवर्सिटी में उर्दू विभाग प्रमुख प्रोफ़ेसर तौक़ीर अहमद मानते हैं कि सोशल मीडिया को उर्दू पाठ्यक्रम का हिस्सा बनाया जाना चाहिए.

दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय में ही असिस्टेंट टीचर अफ़साना हयात इक़बाल पर शोध कर रही हैं. उनका कहना है कि उर्दू को उसकी पहचान चाहिए. अफ़साना हयात के मुताबिक सोशल मीडिया उसे इस पहचान के संकट से उबार सकता है मगर वहां उर्दू के लफ़्ज़ों के सही इस्तेमाल पर ज़ोर नहीं होता.
'140 करेक्टर में फ़िट बैठता है शेर'

क्या उर्दू शायरी किताबों से निकलकर वर्चुअल दुनिया में अपना सही मक़ाम हासिल कर सकती है. बीबीसी हिंदी में सोशल मीडिया का काम संभाल रहे सुशील झा के मुताबिक ट्विटर ने उर्दू शायरी को वो इकोनॉमी मुहैया कराई है, जिसमें एक शेर 140 करेक्टर में बख़ूबी अपनी जगह बना लेता है.

सुशील झा कहते हैं, ‘ट्विटर पर एक बाध्यता होती है कि 140 करेक्टर में ही जाना है, और उर्दू के शेर भी ऐसे ही होते हैं छोटे. जैसे ग़ालिब का एक शेर है कि इश्क ने ग़ालिब निकम्मा कर दिया, वरना आदमी हम भी थे काम के. अब ये ट्विटर पर फ़िट बैठता है. अगर आपने किसी को टैग कर दिया, हैशटैग कर दिया तो और कुछ कहने की जरूरत नहीं.’

आप शायर हैं या फिर शायरी के मुरीद. ट्विटर और फ़ेसबुक पर आपको तमाम ऐसे ठिकाने मिलेंगे, जहां आपके पसंदीदा शायर और उनका कलाम संजोकर रखा गया है. इसी के साथ आपको अपने जैसे सैकड़ों वो लोग मिलेंगे जो अपने शायरों का इस्तक़बाल करने के लिए बैठे हैं.

(बीबीसी हिन्दी के एंड्रॉएड ऐप के लिए आप यहां क्लिक करें क्लिक कर सकते हैं. आप हमें क्लिक करें फ़ेसबुक और क्लिक करें ट्विटर पर फ़ॉलो भी कर सकते हैं)
क्लिक करें वापस ऊपर चलें


BBC © 2013 बाहरी वेबसाइटों की विषय सामग्री के लिए बीबीसी ज़िम्मेदार नहीं है.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

#shair schedule for 29th July to 4th august 2013

29th July : #Anwar Mirzapuri & #Noshi Gilani

30th July : #shuja / bahadur / brave

31st July : any verse which has name of a animal/ bird in it #janwar

1st Aug: Noon Meem Rashid (1/8/1910-----------9/10/1975) Birth anniversary #NoonMeem

Ali Sardar Jafri death anniversary 1-8-2000 #ASJafri

2nd aug #wafa

3rd Aug : #baitbazi ( this is just an experiment to see our own growth. We play it as individuals only. Which means you start the next verse from where you left the first
Each member can do min of 5 to maximum of 15.

KHud vafaa kyaa vafaa kaa badla kyaa
lutf ehsaan thaa agar karte

( last word is 'e'
so you start the next verse with e

ek cheharaa saath saath rahaa jo milaa nahiin
kisako talaash karate rahe kuchh pataa nahiin

then with 'n'

naavak a.ndaaz jidhar diidaa-e-jaanaa.N honge
niim-bismil ka_ii ho.nge ka_ii bejaa.N honge
and so on

4th Aug : Amjad Islam #Amjad 4/8/1944 ( birthday)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

#shair schedule for 22nd to 27th July

22nd July : #ibadat / bandagi / pooja ( can tweet in any language on this topic)

23rd July : Rajendra Manchanda #Bani  & #Shahpar Rasool

24th July : #khat / sandesha / paigham

25 th July #Momin Khan #Mominn

26th July : any verse where first and second line do NOT rhyme : eg. 
Apni roshni ki bulandio'n par kabhi na itrana, 
Chirag sab ke bujhte hai, hawa kisi ki nahi hoti.

27th July : Moin Ahsan #Jazbi & Ahmed #Mushtaq 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

#shair schedule for 15th to 20th July

F15th July : Asararul Haq #Majaz 

16th July : #jurm 

17th July : #Munir Niazi & #Azm Behzad

18th July : #khaak / mitti 

19th July : #Aasi Ghazipuri & #Bekal Utsahi

20th & 21st July will be misra e tarah ( a line will be given to you and you have to complete it) 
The line / misra is 
" rahegi naa hasti qaraar aate aate"
( please maintain a standard. You can do tukbandi if you are unable to write seeious poetry but even that should make sense via humour) 
And do RT and encourage our budding poets 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

#shair schedule for 8th July to 13th July 2013

8th July : Khushbir Singh #Shaad & #Dushyant Kumar

9th July : #tanhai / akelapan

10th July ; #Sahir Ludhianvi

11th July : #buland / bulandi

12th July : Allama #Iqbal

13th July : #waqt

Sunday, 30 June 2013

#shair schedule for 1st July to 6th July

1st July : #colours ( any verse which contains a colour eg: surkh, kaala, safed, sabz etc)

2nd July : #Qateel Shifayi

3rd July : #hasti / shaksiyat / character

4th July : Ahmed #Faraz

5th July : #kashmakash

6th July Ibrahim #Ashk & Ibrahim #Zauq

Sunday, 26 May 2013

#shair schedule from 3rd June to 29th june

3rd June to 8th June

3rd June : #saza

4th June : #Manzar Bhopali

5th June : Seemab Akbarabadi (5/6/1882--------------31/1/1951) birth anniversary

6th June ; #shab/ raat / nisha

7th June : #AmirMinai

8th June ; #doha

10th to 15th June

10th June ; #tasavvur

11th June : Ram Prasad #Bismil 11/6/1897-------------19/12/1927 and theme #watan

12th june : naat/bhajan/gurbaani/shlok #bhakti

13th June : #Mehdi Hasan (13th June Death Anniversary ) All ghazals sung by him. But please name shayer

14th June : # hashr/ mehshar/ judgementday

15th June : #IbneInsha 15/6/1927-------------11/1/1978

16th June #Shahryar ( 16/6/1936 -13 February 2012) Birth anniversary

17th June to 22nd June

17th June : auzaar/weapon/ #hathyaar

18th June : #Irfan Siddiqui

19th June : #number (anything which includes numbers – at least one word)
Example : tum himaayat karo na Gairon kii/
chaar kahte hain chaar sunte hain

20th June : #JuanEliya

21st June : #rang

22nd June : #Kaif Bhopali

24th June to 29th June

24th June : #taghaful

25th June : # Mahshar Inayati

26th June : #haya

27th June : #Meena Kumari & #Wajida Tabassum & #Ada jafri

28th June : #saawan / barsaat/ varsha/ rain

29th June : Majeed #Amjad ( 29/6/1914---------------11/5/1974) birth anniversary

#shair schedule from 27th May to 1st june

27th May : Akbar Allahabadi

28th May : #taalluq ( also includes Tark e taalluq )

29th May : #Shakeel Badayuni

30th May : #MeraGhar (any Verse on your home, hometown, city or country)

31st May : #Behzad Lakhnavi

1st June : #Movie (Ghazals & Verses from/ used in movies only )

Sunday, 19 May 2013

#shair schedule from 20th to 25th May

20th may :#Nida Fazli

21st May : #deedaar

22nd May :Saeed #Rahi

23rd May :#Dhuaan

24th May :Bashir #Badr

25th May : #rooh / atma / soul / inner voice

Sunday, 12 May 2013

#shair schedule for 13th to 18th May

13th May : #Khumaar Barabankwi

14th May : #jigar ( used for love, courage, heart in urdu shayri )

15th & 16Th May : #sufi ( kalaam of all / any Sufi / bhakti saint )

17th May : #Momin Khan Momin

18th May : #waqt / muddat / samay

Saturday, 4 May 2013

#shair schedule for 6th May to 11th May

6th May : #Mohsin Naqvi birth anniversary 5/5/1947

7th May : #aab ( paani )

8th May : #Daagh Dehalvi

9th May : #ibteda ( word of the week )

10th May #Kaifi Azmi 14/1/1919---------10/5/2002 death anniversary

11th May : Myfav

NOTE: Members are requested to follow certain rules : adaab e mehfil
1. Please don't tag more than 2 people.... it spoils the effect of the verse
2. Do NOT shorten, abbreviate words inside the verse to fit in mentions... its the verse which is important not mentions
3. You can tag @shairoftheday instead and those interested will go and read there
4. Do not post a flood of verses on a given topic as no one reads them : they become irrelevant....
Post 10 or so but your favourites. Take time to read them yourself and give meanings. that way everyone enjoys them
yeh anaari ki bandook nahi hai ke andhaa dhun chalaa di

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#shair schedule 29th April to 4th May

29th april : since not too much online material is available on these poets am keeping 3 together... Members do hear and transcribe from their YouTube videos of mushairas

#Anjum Rehbar, #Bahhzad Laknnavi and #Himayet Ali Shayer

30th April : #jazba ( word of the week ) suggested by @kumarvinaye

1st May : Mirza Haider Ali #Atish

2nd May : #mahtaab ( moon -qamar, hilaal, maahe ) in Hindi चाँद, हिमांशु, इंदु, सुधाकर, विधु, शशि, चंद्रमा, तारापति, राकेश, मयंक, रजनीश, अम्भोज, उपग्रह.

3rd May : #khushi ( theme ... all synonyms accepted

4th May #Akhtar Shirani birth anniversary 4/5/1905 -----------9/9/1948

Sunday, 21 April 2013

#shair schedule for 22nd to 27th april 2013

22nd April : Allama #Iqbal

23rd April : #vasl ( word of the week )

24th April : #imtehaan

25th April : #ruswayi (disgrace, infamy, dishonour )

26th April :#afsana / kahani

27th April : #rahat / sukoon ( theme not poet)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

#shair Schedule for 15th to 20th April

15th April : Pandit Harichand #Akhtar 15/4/1901--------1/1/1958
& Brij Narain #Chakbast

16th April : word of the week : #chaaragar

17th April : #mehek

18th April : new sho'ara #NewShoara
( only the young ones who are in their 20s to max 40 years of age)

19th April : find the meaning of your own name and tweet ashaar on that theme. Please give the word tho..hashtag #MyName

20th April : #Shakeel Badayuni 3/8/1916-----------20/4/1970

Any suggestions welcome

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#shair Schedule for 1st April to 13th April 2013

As I am traveling I am preparing a 2 week schedule

1st April : #mazaaq As it's 1st April , tweet on topics related to it-- ched-chad, mazaaq, bewaqoof banana etc

2nd April : #panaah ( any verse which is related to giving and receiving shelter)

3rd April : #Tilism ( word of the week provided by @drtahirzaidi- please tweet any verse preferably which has this word or its synonym)

#4th April : #siyasat (theme)

5th April : #fitrat ( nature of man )

6th April : Jigar Moradabadi ( Birth anniversary)

8th April : #TopTen ( your favorite 10 verses but you have to explain the meanings of difficult words)

9th April :#Majaz ( poet)

10th April : #Imdaad ( word of the week provided by @drtahirzaidi- please tweet any verse which has this word or its synonym)

11th April : you have to tweet verses starting with the first letter of your name/ handle ... For example if your handle is @iamrana you tweet ONLY verses starting with letter "I"

12th April : #sabza - greenery (Phool ,Patte, Hariyali, Ped )

13th April : #Asghar Gondvi & #Fani Badayuni

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Holi Hai #shair schedule for 25th Mar to #0th Mar

25th Mar : #Nazeer Akbarabadi

26th Mar : #HoliKiBoli ( should cover -in parody and tukbandi the topics gustaakhi, Sharaarat, masti) (please remember no vulgarity )

27th Mar : #Rang , Holi #milan , #Tyohar

28th Mar : Harivansh Rai Bachchan #HRBachchan

29th Mar; dharti , zameen, #mitti

30th mar : #shringar , zevar, gahna

These are based on suggestions from #shair members Abid Zaidi and Saurabh Srivastava Dr.Tahir Zaidi and Arup Roy

Sunday, 17 March 2013

#shair schedule for 18th to 24th Mar 2013

18th Mar : #haya theme / sharmana / modesty

19th Mar : #sanam / but / idol

20th Mar : #khirad ( members please look up meaning and tweet shers which bring out its meaning)

21st Mar : Ehsan #Danish 1914---------21/3/1982 (death anniversary )
Iftikhar #Arif 21/3/1943 (birthday )

22nd Mar : #MyFav

23rd Mar : #Saghar Nizami & #Seemab Akbarabadi

24th Mar : Habib #Jalib 24/3/1928 ( birth anniversary )

Members can post English verses/ or in their own regional languages on the theme days . It adds to our knowledge and makes it more exciting

Sunday, 10 March 2013

#shair schedule for 11th to 16th Marc 2013

11th Mar : #mohabbat / pyaar / aashiqi

12th Mar : #Josh Malihabadi & #Jigar Moradabadi

13th Mar : #Hijr / birah ( meaning : separation)

14th Mar : #Akhlaq / achchi aadat ( disposition, virtue ) Khush Atwar/ Khush Akhlaq

15th Mar : #Tariq Matin & #Dushyant Kumar

16th Mar : #Firaq Gorakhpuri

Friday, 1 March 2013

#shair Schedule for 4th to 9th March 2013

4th Mar: #raasta / dagar / gaam / ravish

5th Mar: #Nida Fazli

6th Mar: #MyFav

7th Mar: sailab / #tufaan / aandhi

8th Mar : #Sahir Ludhianvi ( birth anniversary)

9th Mar : #hasti / zindagi / zeest / hayaat

Please note the hashtags

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#shair schedule from 25th Feb to 2nd March

25th Feb : #Ekta / bhaichaara / ekjahti

26th Feb : #Azm Behzaad & Kalim #Ajiz

27th Feb : #wafa

28th Feb : #Muzaffar Hanfi & Mazhar #Imam

1st Mar : #naseeb / qismat

2nd Mar : #ilm

Sunday, 17 February 2013

#Shair schedule for 18th to 23rd Feb 2013

18th Feb : #Bahaar / basant

19th Feb : Altaf Hussain #Hali & Haider Ali #Aatish

20th Feb #shikwa / gila ( hashtag only #shikwa )

21st Feb : Sudarshan #Faakir ( hashtag #Faakir with double 'aa' )

22nd Feb : #sawaal o jawab ( hashtag only #sawaal with a double 'aa' )

23rd Feb : #Manzar Bhopali

Friday, 15 February 2013

Mohsin Zaidi (1935 – 2003)

Mohsin Zaidi (1935 – 2003) was an Urdu poet who used to write by the pen name 'Mohsin'. Saiyed Mohsin Raza Zaidi (Urdu:سید محسن رضا زیدی ‎) was born in Bahraich, a town in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India on 10th July, 1935, to parents, Saiyed Ali Raza Zaidi and Sughra Begum. He died in Lucknow on 3rd September, 2003.

Education -

He had his early schooling in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh - Islamia School (1940 – 1942); K. P. Hindu High School (1943 – 1948); Government High School (1949 – 1950).
He did his senior school from Maharaj Singh Inter College, Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh (1951-1952).
He did his Bachelor in Arts from Lucknow University, in English Literature, History, Economics (1953-1954).
He got his Masters in Economics from Allahabad University (1955-1956).

Occupation -
He joined the Indian Economic Service in 1956 and worked with the government of India till his retirement in 1993.
Career –
Held many positions with the Central Government in ministries of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Labour, Agriculture; and in the Planning Commission. He retired as a ‘Senior Economist’ in the Senior Administrative Grade of Joint Secretary. As part of government assignments he toured countries like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Algeria.
Through out his unblemished career he remained steadfast to his values of honesty and integrity.
Poetic Life –
He started writing in 1950 at the age of 15 while still in high school in Pratapgarh. Initially he was impressed by Naazish Pratapgarhi, a young progressive writer who was emerging as a prominent poet on the local literary scene. However his major inspiration came from the works of classical poets like Mir Taqi Mir, Momin Khan Momin, Mirza Ghalib, Haider Ali Aatish, Mir Anis, Daagh Dehlvi and Mir Dard. Among the neo-classical and modern poets his favourites were Allama ‘Iqbal’, Raghupati Sahay ‘Firaq’, Faiz Ahmed ‘Faiz’ , and ‘Jigar’ Muradabadi.
Poetic Style -
Some critics regard Mohsin Zaidi as a poet closer to the classical tradition of Urdu poetry, some feel that he was a progressive writer; while others view him as part of modernist Urdu poetry. Though his style adhered to the traditional Urdu poetry, his poetic ideas were modern and progressive. He would put his thoughts in plain words and his simple poetic style touched the hearts of the readers. Mohsin Zaidi was among the few poets who used the perfection of diction and pleasantness of narration of traditional ghazal to express new ideas (review by renowned progressive poet of Urdu, Kumar Pashi, in Rishta-e-Kalaam, published in 1978).
The doyen of Urdu poetry, Firaq Gorakpuri, who was a teacher of Mohsin Zaidi in Allahabad University, said in his written comment on Mohsin Zaidi’s ghazals from his first collection of poems, Shehr-e-Dil (1961) that “….his ashaar have softness of style, mellow words and flow of narrative.”
Mohsin Zaidi’s poetry has been acclaimed by many Urdu critics. Makhmoor Saeedi, a contemporary of Mohsin Zaidi and himself a poet and critic of highest repute was of the opinion that “Mohsin Zaidi’s language is not decorative but simple, and to create impression through his simplicity is his special skill. And this skill is not easy but Mohsin Zaidi has a mastery over it” (Foreword to Mataa-e-Akhir-e-Shab, 1990).
According to another noted Urdu critic, Dr. Shaarib Rudawlvi, “…..Mohsin’s ghazals had freshness of thought, intense feelings, and dexterity of expression. One aspect of his poetry is spontaneity; and he has got a flow of ideas that presents one image after another” in the form of his ashaar…… Mohsin Zaidi’s poetry witnessed many literary ups and downs of his times and the rise and fall of many movements. But in every age he preserved his unique poetic style. And this is his greatest quality.”
Mohsin Zaidi was a poet of ghazals. As he himself put it in a lighter vein, he adopted the ‘ghazal’ form of Urdu poetry rather than ‘nazm’, following the economic principle – minimum input to achieve maximum output – where one can express one’s thoughts in a few words. This was indeed an interesting analogy between ghazals and economics.
The study of economics had its influence on his poetry, especially economic issues like economic disparity – ‘Tha shahraah pe to ujala har ek su. Lekin gali mein apni andhera raha tamaam. Apne dayaar hi mein raha qaht-e-aab kyo. Kya abr ek samt barasta raha tamaam?’; uneven distribution of wealth – ‘Ye baat dekhne ki nahin soochne ki hai. Iflaas hai zyaadah ki daulat ziadaah hai; and the economic dominance of developed countries – ‘Wo bhao badal sakta hai bas ek nazar se. Saari hi dukaane sabhi baazaar hain uske’. As per Legendary Urdu litterateur, Dr. Gyan Chand Jain, Mohsin Zaidi was not only a poet but a social commentator (foreword to Baab-e-Sukhan, 2000).
According to Makmoor Saeedi, Mohsin Zaidi’s “poetic character” had been weaned on these elements – self respect, self confidence, integrity of character, opposition to all tyrannical powers, belief in retribution for one’s actions, search for virtues in human nature, belief in the victory of truth; and also a sense of sacrifice for the wellbeing of the coming generations. These elements, which are in his subconscious, form the backdrop for his poetic works.
One of the bloodiest and tragic chapters of history, the battle of Karbala has become symbolic of protest against all forms of brutality and injustice. Karbala has usually been a topic of marsiya form of Urdu poetry, which however does not go beyond the narration of the incident. One obvious trait of Mohsin Zaidi’s poetry is that Karbala forms the backdrop of his contemplation and manifests itself as a metaphor in numerous ashaar. Makhmoor Saeedi in his book, ‘Vaadi-e-Khayaal’ writes that “Mohsin Zaidi was the first poet who used ‘Karbala’ as a metaphor in Urdu ghazal; a trait that was later followed by many other poets”.
- Hai Marka-e-Karb-o-bala asl mein duniya. Baazicha-e-atfaal ko duniya nahin kahte.
- Tum mein se jo bhi chahe mera saath chod de. Dekho yahaan se raaste dushwaar aeynge.
- Wo zer-e-khanjar-e-qatil na tha gulu koi. Wo ek khayaal tha jisko shaheed karte rahe
While on one hand his poetry deals with the harsh realities of life, on the other there are those beautiful and delightful moments of life that represent the enchanting and heartwarming form of poetry which ghazal is known to be in Urdu literature and which has been the tradition of ghazal.
- Voh raaz-e-ishq diloon se bhi the jo posheedah. Unhein khamosh nigaahon ne aashkaar kiya
- Tumhaari yaad is tanha safar mein. Hai shama’a-e-raah bhi rakht-e-safar bhi
- Yeh teergi yeh teri yaad ke bujhe se charaagh. Dhuaan dhuaan si fiza aur ye sham-e-tanhaayi
Poetic Works -
• Shehr-e-Dil (1961)
• Rishtah-e-Kalaam (1978)
• Mataa-e-Aakhir-e-Shab (1990)
• Baab-e-Sukhan (2000)
• Jumbish-e-Nok-e-Qalam (2005)
Awards -
He got many awards from Urdu Academy for his works, the last being from Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy for his last compilation of ghazals – ‘Jumbish-e-Nok-e-Qalam’ which was published posthumously.
Personal life –
Mohsin Zaidi lived in Delhi for nearly four decades before settling down in Lucknow after retirement. He was a man of simple tastes. Neither his professional achievements nor his standig as a poet of repute ever influenced his humble disposition.
He was not one to chase fame. Speaking in an interview broadcast on All India Radio he stated that he could not learn the art of self publicity; though he was satisfied with the appreciation and adulation he had got. Quoting a sher of Brij Narayan ‘Chakbast’, Chamanzaar-e-mohabbat mein usi ne baghbaani ki. Ke jisne apni mehnat ko hi mehnat ka samar jaana, he said that he had kept writing to the best of his satisfaction without bothering about adulation.
Renowned short story writer of Urdu, Dr. Bisheshar Pardeep wrote a tribute titled ‘Mohsin Zaidi – an honest poet’ in ‘Jumbish-e-Nok-e-Qalam’. He quoted the last couplet of the poet which the latter wrote on his death bed – ‘Ham ne khud ko to badalne ki bahot koshish ki. Sakht haerat hai badal jaati hai duniya kaise’ and went on to explain that the poet could never deviate from the rules that he had set for himself. He concluded by saying that “Mohsin Zaidi was indeed a principled man and an honest poet”.

Some ghazals by Mohsin Zaidi

Nah fikr-e-khaar, nah parwa-e-aabla paayi
Bas eik dhun hai chale ja rahe hain saudayi

Nigaah-e-naaz uthi uth ke jaese sharmai
Khusha voh vaqt hui dilki jab pazeerayi

Jahaan pahoonch na sake shahpar-e-takhaiyyul bhi
Teri nigaah vahaan bhi diye jala aayi

Junoon ko chand qadam chal ke mil gayi manzil
Bhatak rahi hai khirad baavajood-e-daanayi

Teri hi zulf se shoreedgi naseeb hui
Teri hi chashm se hamne junoon ki sheh paayi

Ajab nizaam-e-gulistaan mein hai ta’attul sa
Chaman mein koi kali khil saki nah murjhaai

Yeh teergi yeh teri yaad ke bujhe se charaagh
Dhuaan dhuaan si fiza aur ye sham-e-tanhaayi

Tujhe khabar bhi hai Mohsin kea aah-e-neem shabi
Waqaar-e-dard ka saara bharam gawaan aayi

(Shehr-e-Dil, page 22, 1961)

Hansne ko to hanste hain par ab kaun bataaye
Hum kitne hi zakhmoon ko hain seene mein chhipaaye

Kya kahiye ki ek baar garaan hai gham-e-duniya
Kitne hi subuk varnah teri zulf ke saaye

Jab apni tabaahi peh nahin khud bhi main ghamgeen
Kiyon meri tabaahi peh koyi ashq bahaaye

Begaanahvashi jaese ho is shahr ka dastoor
Is shahr mein aakar hooye apne bhi paraaye

Shaayad ho kisi shab ke muqaddar mein sahar bhi
Ham jaage hain ik umr yahi aas lagaaye

Is kaargah-e-shauq mein jaadu-e-khurd nay
Jitney hi sanam tore hain utne hi banaye

Mohsin hai vahi zulmat-e-auhaam abhi tak
Ek arsa hua aql ko faanoos jalaye

(Shehr-e-Dil, 1961, page 28)

Chaaron taraf baland nishaan teergi ka tha
Rakkha hua faseel pe sar raushni ka tha

Kya soonch ke tum aese safar par nikal pare
Imkaan na jis safar se koi vaapsi ka tha

Yoon dam ba dam charaagh ki lao ho rahi thi kam
Jaise har ek qadam safar-e-aakhri ka tha

Meri hi tarah toot ke vo bhi bikhar gaya
Meri tarah gumaan use shishah gari ka tha

Main kiyon na toot jaata havaadis ke boojh se
Ek bojh mujh pe yun bhi meri zindagi ka tha

Aaya tha lootne mera hamzaad bhi mujhe
Kisko khayal loot mein hamsayagi ka tha

Manzil ba manzil uske bichharne ka gham hai kiyon
Raste mein jiska saath ghari do ghari ka tha

Sar par mere azzaab-e-zamana na tha koi
Mujh par to ek azaab meri aagahi ka tha

Rango ke izdahaam mein sab rang aam thay
Mumtaaz tha to rang teri saadgi ka tha

Barh kar vahaan bhi shab ne seyaahi undhel di
Halka sa shaeba bhi jahaan raushni ka tha

(Rishta-e-Kalaam, 1978, page 21)


Jitna tahzeeb-e-badan se main sanwarta jaaoon
Utna hi toot ke andar se bikharta jaaoon

Zindagi jaise calendar pe badalti taareek
Main shab-o-roz ke maanind guzarta Jaaoon

Kya pata khwaabon ki taabir mile ya na mila
Kisi kaaghaz pe inhe note hi karta jaaoon

Sahn-e-gulshan se woh aakhri rishta bhi gaya
Khushk patton ki tarah ab to bikharta jaaoon

Tah-e-zulmaat un aankhon ke diye jalte jaayein
Zeenah zeenah main ujaalon mein utarta jaaoon

Gard-e-daaman ki tarah mujh ko uraane wale
Aks ban kar teri aankhon mein thaharta jaaoon

Kitne ghabraae huye hain mere qaatil Mohsin
Aasteenon pe lahu ban ke ubharta jaaoon

(Rishta-e-Kalaam, 1978, page 103)


Taraaj bastiyoon mein kidhar jayegi ye raat
Khaali gharoon ko dekh ke dar jayegi ye raat

Din kat gaya hai bhaagte saayoon ke saath saath
Khwaabon ke darmiyaan guzar jayegi ye raat

Ham har taraf mileinge liye haath par charaagh
Jis samt bhi muregi jidhar jayegi ye raat

Yaadon ke izdhaam mein kya neend aayegi
Ab to jaga ke taa-bah sahar jayegi ye raat

Karlo shumaar kushtah charaaghon ko warnah kal
Ilzaam-e-qatl subha pe dhar jayegi ye raat

Kuch der ko hai aur farebe nazar ka khel
Jab khatm hoga khel bikhar jayegi ye raat

Koi to shakl ubhregi aab-o-saraab se
De kar koi to aks-e-sahar jaayegi ye raat

Mohsin hai shab ka saath to hangaam-e-subah tak
Badh jaayeinge ham aage thahar jaayegi ye raat

(Rishta-e-Kalaam, 1978, page 62 )


Aesa nahin ke aur sitamgar na aayenge
Lekin tumhare qad ke barabar na aayenge

Ham aayenge to hoke rah-e-mustaqeem se
Auron ki tarah bhul bhatak kar na aayenge

Is baar kho diya to milayenge na phir tumhein
Abke jo ham gaye to palat kar na aayenge

Mil julke aao bakhsh dein in lamhon ko doaam
Ye lamhe zindagi mein mukarrar na aayenge

Kya ye lahu ka daur mere sar pe khatm hai
Kya doosre ke sar pe ye khanjar na aayenge

Hamne bhi koi gul to na phainke thay us taraf
Patthar ke kya jawaab mein patthar na aayenge

Chahre sitam garoon ke to kya honge be naqaab
Unke to naam bhi sare mahzar na aayenge

Aayenge ham banate hue apne naqah-e-pa
Chal kar kisi ke naqsh-e-qadam par na aayenge

Mohsin ye daur khatm samajhye ab iske baad
Gardish mein ye pyala-o-saaghar na aayenge
(Mataa-e-Aakhir-e-Shab, 1990, page 30)


Koi be-wajah kiyon khafa hoga
Kuch to usko bura laga hoga

Aage jaakar thahar gaya hoga
Wo meri raah tak raha hoga

Chhor aaye thay ham jala ke jise
Woh diya kab ka bujh gaya hoga

Jab woh awaaz tham gayi hogi
Shab ka sannaata bolta hoga

Kaise maaloom ho ke aakhri waqt
Usne kiya kuch kaha suna hoga

Kiyon hawa tez abhi se chalne lagi
Ghuncha kam kam abhi khila hoga

Lahja uska bhi kuch tha apna sa
Woh bhi apne dayaar ka hoga

Pahla sajda jahaan kiya tha wahin
Aakhiri sajda bhi ada hoga

Ho nah ho manzil aagayi Mohsin
Chand qadmon ka faasla hoga

(Mataa-e-Aakhir-e-Shab, 1990, page 71)


(This information and input by his son Arshad Zaidi)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

#shair schedule from 11th to 16th Feb 2013

11th Feb : #gham / dard /aah

12th Feb : #NayeShuara ( all poets writing since past 20 years and writing currently... Please avoid well known established ahayars/kavis )

13th Feb : #Faiz Ahmad Faiz (birthday -13/2/1911------------20/11/1984)

14th Feb : #ishq and #JanNisar Akhtar (birthday- 14/2/1914------------19/8/1976)

15th Feb : Mirza #Ghalib ( death anniversary -27/12/1796--------15/2/1869)


Bashir #Badr ( birthday 15/2/1935-- )

16th Feb : #byme or #tukbandi

friends please read hashtags carefully

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#shair Schedule from 4th Feb to 9th feb 2013

4th Feb :#Makhdoom Mohiuddin ( birthday-4/2/1908------------25/8/1969)

5th Feb : #veeraana / tanhayi

6th Feb : #Gulzar

7th Feb : #Dosti

8th Feb : #Neend

9th Feb : #MyFav

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#shair schedule 28th Jan to 3rd Feb 2013

28th Jan : #Bhool /gaafil

29th Jan : Allama #Iqbal

30th Jan : Habib #Jalib & #Shakeb Jalali

31st Jan : #fareb / jhooth / dhokha

1st Feb : #awwal / pahla/ aala / ooncha

2nd Feb : #aag / aatish / junoon

4th Feb : #Makhdoom Moinuddin (birthday on 4th Feb)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

#shair schedule for 21st Jan to 26th Jan 2013

21st Jan : #parody of ashaar & songs
( but pls do maintain a level of decency in language)

22nd Jan : Brij Narayan #Chakbast & Kavi #Neeraj

23rd Jan : #MyFav

24th Jan : #Hasrat Mohani

25th Jan : #bandagi ( naata & munajaat can be posted for Eid e Miladun Nabi)

26th Jan : #desh / mulk / watan

There is a suggestion by a member that we should keep #shair fresh by limiting the no. Of tweets we post in #shair and restrict ourselves to best berse in the ghazals to avoid repitition.
Lets observe this for a few weeks and adopt if successful.
15 -20 of the best ashaar only pn given theme or poet only

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#shair schedule for 7th Jan to 19th Jan 2013

( I am posting a two week schedule as I am travelling and may not have access to internet)

7th Jan : any verse starting with letter 'R'
Please give name of poet

8th Jan : #aankhen

9th Jan : #myFav

10th Jan : #WasimBarelwi

11th Jan : #izzat / samman / respect / honour / dignity

12th Jan : all verses with the poets #Takhallus

14th Jan : #Hafeez Jullundhari &
Ahmed #Faraz
(Hafeez Jullundhri 14/1/1900------------21/12/1982

Ahmad Faraz 14/1/1931 --------- 25/8/2008)

15th Jan : #Mohsin Naqvi ( death anniversary. 15/1/1996)
#Wasif Ali Wasif ( birth anniversary 15/1/1929 ---------18/1/1993)

16th Jan : #ilzaam / tohmat

17th Jan : #JavedAkhtar ( birthday -17/1/1945)

18th Jan : #mazahiya ( it can be yours or of any poet of your choice )

19th Jan : any verse which "Ends" in letter 'A'
Eg :
"dil pe ek tarfaa qayaamat karnaa
muskuraate hue rukhsat karnaa "
Please give name of poet