Sunday, 31 March 2013

#shair Schedule for 1st April to 13th April 2013

As I am traveling I am preparing a 2 week schedule

1st April : #mazaaq As it's 1st April , tweet on topics related to it-- ched-chad, mazaaq, bewaqoof banana etc

2nd April : #panaah ( any verse which is related to giving and receiving shelter)

3rd April : #Tilism ( word of the week provided by @drtahirzaidi- please tweet any verse preferably which has this word or its synonym)

#4th April : #siyasat (theme)

5th April : #fitrat ( nature of man )

6th April : Jigar Moradabadi ( Birth anniversary)

8th April : #TopTen ( your favorite 10 verses but you have to explain the meanings of difficult words)

9th April :#Majaz ( poet)

10th April : #Imdaad ( word of the week provided by @drtahirzaidi- please tweet any verse which has this word or its synonym)

11th April : you have to tweet verses starting with the first letter of your name/ handle ... For example if your handle is @iamrana you tweet ONLY verses starting with letter "I"

12th April : #sabza - greenery (Phool ,Patte, Hariyali, Ped )

13th April : #Asghar Gondvi & #Fani Badayuni

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Holi Hai #shair schedule for 25th Mar to #0th Mar

25th Mar : #Nazeer Akbarabadi

26th Mar : #HoliKiBoli ( should cover -in parody and tukbandi the topics gustaakhi, Sharaarat, masti) (please remember no vulgarity )

27th Mar : #Rang , Holi #milan , #Tyohar

28th Mar : Harivansh Rai Bachchan #HRBachchan

29th Mar; dharti , zameen, #mitti

30th mar : #shringar , zevar, gahna

These are based on suggestions from #shair members Abid Zaidi and Saurabh Srivastava Dr.Tahir Zaidi and Arup Roy

Sunday, 17 March 2013

#shair schedule for 18th to 24th Mar 2013

18th Mar : #haya theme / sharmana / modesty

19th Mar : #sanam / but / idol

20th Mar : #khirad ( members please look up meaning and tweet shers which bring out its meaning)

21st Mar : Ehsan #Danish 1914---------21/3/1982 (death anniversary )
Iftikhar #Arif 21/3/1943 (birthday )

22nd Mar : #MyFav

23rd Mar : #Saghar Nizami & #Seemab Akbarabadi

24th Mar : Habib #Jalib 24/3/1928 ( birth anniversary )

Members can post English verses/ or in their own regional languages on the theme days . It adds to our knowledge and makes it more exciting

Sunday, 10 March 2013

#shair schedule for 11th to 16th Marc 2013

11th Mar : #mohabbat / pyaar / aashiqi

12th Mar : #Josh Malihabadi & #Jigar Moradabadi

13th Mar : #Hijr / birah ( meaning : separation)

14th Mar : #Akhlaq / achchi aadat ( disposition, virtue ) Khush Atwar/ Khush Akhlaq

15th Mar : #Tariq Matin & #Dushyant Kumar

16th Mar : #Firaq Gorakhpuri

Friday, 1 March 2013

#shair Schedule for 4th to 9th March 2013

4th Mar: #raasta / dagar / gaam / ravish

5th Mar: #Nida Fazli

6th Mar: #MyFav

7th Mar: sailab / #tufaan / aandhi

8th Mar : #Sahir Ludhianvi ( birth anniversary)

9th Mar : #hasti / zindagi / zeest / hayaat

Please note the hashtags