Saturday, 26 January 2013

#shair schedule 28th Jan to 3rd Feb 2013

28th Jan : #Bhool /gaafil

29th Jan : Allama #Iqbal

30th Jan : Habib #Jalib & #Shakeb Jalali

31st Jan : #fareb / jhooth / dhokha

1st Feb : #awwal / pahla/ aala / ooncha

2nd Feb : #aag / aatish / junoon

4th Feb : #Makhdoom Moinuddin (birthday on 4th Feb)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

#shair schedule for 21st Jan to 26th Jan 2013

21st Jan : #parody of ashaar & songs
( but pls do maintain a level of decency in language)

22nd Jan : Brij Narayan #Chakbast & Kavi #Neeraj

23rd Jan : #MyFav

24th Jan : #Hasrat Mohani

25th Jan : #bandagi ( naata & munajaat can be posted for Eid e Miladun Nabi)

26th Jan : #desh / mulk / watan

There is a suggestion by a member that we should keep #shair fresh by limiting the no. Of tweets we post in #shair and restrict ourselves to best berse in the ghazals to avoid repitition.
Lets observe this for a few weeks and adopt if successful.
15 -20 of the best ashaar only pn given theme or poet only

Saturday, 5 January 2013

#shair schedule for 7th Jan to 19th Jan 2013

( I am posting a two week schedule as I am travelling and may not have access to internet)

7th Jan : any verse starting with letter 'R'
Please give name of poet

8th Jan : #aankhen

9th Jan : #myFav

10th Jan : #WasimBarelwi

11th Jan : #izzat / samman / respect / honour / dignity

12th Jan : all verses with the poets #Takhallus

14th Jan : #Hafeez Jullundhari &
Ahmed #Faraz
(Hafeez Jullundhri 14/1/1900------------21/12/1982

Ahmad Faraz 14/1/1931 --------- 25/8/2008)

15th Jan : #Mohsin Naqvi ( death anniversary. 15/1/1996)
#Wasif Ali Wasif ( birth anniversary 15/1/1929 ---------18/1/1993)

16th Jan : #ilzaam / tohmat

17th Jan : #JavedAkhtar ( birthday -17/1/1945)

18th Jan : #mazahiya ( it can be yours or of any poet of your choice )

19th Jan : any verse which "Ends" in letter 'A'
Eg :
"dil pe ek tarfaa qayaamat karnaa
muskuraate hue rukhsat karnaa "
Please give name of poet