Wednesday, 22 August 2012

#shair schedule from 24th Sept to 29th Sept 2012

24th Sept: #Shakeel Badayuni

25th Sept : #Makhdoom Mohiuddin / #Juan Elia

26th Sept : #Gul/phool/gulistaan

27th sept : #Dushyant Kumar (birthday )& Krishan Bihari #Noor

28th Sept : dushman / dushmani #Raqeeb

29th Sept : Ibrahim #Zauq /Khwaja Meer #Dard

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#Shair Schedule from 17th Sept to 22nd sept

17th Sept: & #Bekhud Dahalvi (birth anniversary) & Abid Ali #Abid (birth anniversary)

18th Sept :Omar #Khayyam ,#Kabir , #Rabia al Basri , Hazrat #Inayet Shah

19th Sept : #neki /kindness /#amal/

20th Sept :#muskaan/hansi

21st Sept :#khuddari/ ego / aham / ana

22nd Sept : #Sahir Ludhianvi

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#shair schedule from 10th sept to 15th Sept

10th Sept : #Hausla/Himmat,

11th Sept : Abdul Hameed #Adam & #Shehzad Ahmed

12th Sept : Aasmaan/#Bulandi

13th Sept : #Muzaffar Warsi and #Fani Badayuni ( birth anniversary)

14th Sept: #Ulfat/Khumar/Suroor

15th Sept :#Dard/Mushkilaat/Pareshani/Halaat

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#shair schedule from 27th Aug to 1st Sept 2012

27th Aug :- Zindagi / hayat #Zindagi

28th Aug :- #Firaq Gorakhpuri ( birth anniversary )

29th Aug :- Sapna / Khwaab / Neend #Khwaab

30th Aug : Kunwar Bechain #Kunwar / Meena Kumari #MeeraKumari

31th Aug :- paani / jal / pyaas / Aab #jal

1st Sep - New Shayar #nameOfShayar / Own #ByMe

shcedule prepared by #shair member @saurabh_prayag

#shair schedule 3rd Sept to 8th Sept 2012

3rd Sept : subah/ #suraj

4th Sept : #intezaar

5th Sept : #Nasir Kazmi and #Mohsin Naqvi

6th Sept : #khamoshi

7th Sept : #Nirala and 3Dinkar

8th Sept : theme tanz o #mazahiya

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

#Shair Schedule 20th August to 25th August

20th Aug : #khushi / Eid milan ( Eid ke mauqe par )

21st Aug :#Josh Malihabadi and #Janisar AkhtAr

22nd Aug :#Dua

23rd Aug :#Bewafa

24th Aug : #Munawwar Rana

25th Aug : #nida / pukAr / awaaz

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

#shair Schedule 13th August to 18th August 2012

13th August : Ahmed #Faraz

14th August : #aankhen

15th August : #desh / mulk ( desh bhakti sangeet/ shairi / kavita)

16th August :Ghazals and Nazms starting with "H"

17th August : Amir #Khusrau ( members are encouraged to post historical incidents and anecdotes, qawwalis related to #Khusrau)

18th & 19th August : #Gulzar (an entire weekend of Gulzar sahab's sublime poetry on his birthday )

Sunday, 5 August 2012

#shair schedule for 6th Aug to 11th Aug 2012

6th Aug : #MyShair ( members please tweet your 10 fav #shair experiences and how and why you joined)This will be put on the blog to document everyone's efforts and journey

7th Aug : #safar

8th Aug : #Akbar Allahabadi

9th Aug : #random (be-tarteeb) members can tweet any verse here, it may or may not be their favorite, just something which has caught their eye at the moment

10th Aug :#bhakti poets (see Note)

11th Aug : #myfav

NOTE : on Bhakti poets

Kabir,Tulsidas, Meerabai,Janabai ,Bahinabai or Bahina, Akkamahadevi, also known as Akka or Mahadevi,Premanand, the Manbhatt of Gujarat and members can suggest more names.

1. Janabai was born around the 13th century in Maharashtra in a low-caste sudra family. As a young girl she was sent to work in the upper-caste family of Namdev, one of the most revered of the bhakti poet saints. While within this household, she continued to serve Namdev, both as a servant and as his devotee. Janabai wrote over three hundred poems focusing on domestic chores and the restrictions facing her as a low-caste woman.

2. Bahinabai or Bahina was a poet-saint from 17th century Maharashtra, writing in the form of abangas, women’s songs that accompanied their labors, especially in the fields.

3. Akkamahadevi, also known as Akka or Mahadevi was a bhakta from the southern region of Karnataka and a devotee of Shiva in the 12th century CE. Legends tell of her wandering naked in search of her Divine Lover; her poetry, or vacanas tell of her frustration with societal norms and roles that restricted her.

4. Premanand, the Manbhatt of Gujarat :The tradtion of Brahmins (Bhatt) drumming on earthen or copper pots (mann) with their ringed fingers while narrating akhayans – melodious poetical compositions describing in detail, episodes from epics like Ramayana and Mahabharat is unique to Gujarat.
Born in Vadodara, Gujarat in the 17th century, Kavi Premanand was one such Manbhatt who raised the standard of Gujarati bhakti poetry with his akhayans to new heights. His simple yet vivid compositions reflected the life and culture of common people of Gujarat during the Mughal period