Sunday, 25 January 2015

iss hafte #shair mein

26th : #Tarahi Mushaira -

The misra is
The Tarahi Mushaira is a particular form where a misra is given, and poets compose their ghazals using that misra and the behar (rhythmic metre) of the misra. 
 make it a grand success


"Ye mulk humara hai, ye mulk tumhara hai"

The radio will be hai
qaafiya will be ara
guide for tarahi 

(Giving links of previous #tarahi as well -

27th : #mehman

28th : #NazeerAkbarabadi

29th : #AdeemHashmi

30th : #mitti

31st : #Seemab Akbarabadi ( death anniversary)

NOTE :Radeef is the word/phrase that is repeated at the end of the second line in every shair. In your example, it'd be "yaad hai."
Both lines of the very first sher (matla), usually end in the same radeef.

Qaafia is the pattern of word(s) that rhyme and come just before the radeef in the second line of a sher. i.e. zamaanaa, dabaanaa, lagaanaa

chupkay chupkay raat din aansu bahaana yaad hai
ham ko ab tak aashqi ka wo zamaanaa yaad hai

baahzaaraan iztiraab-o-sadhzaaraan ishtiyaaq 
tujhsay wo pahlay pahal dil kaa lagaanaa yaad hai 

tujhsay miltay hi wo baybaak ho jaanaa meraa 
aur teraa daanton main wo ungli dabaanaa yaad hai

Sunday, 18 January 2015

iss hafte #shair mein

19th : #Chakbast (birth anniversary)

20th : Abid Ali #Abid ( death Anniversary)

21st : #bosa

22nd : #Aurat

23rd : #MyFav

24th & 25th : Hubb ul Watani #HubbeWatan
On 26th we will continue this along with the #tarahi mushaira

Saturday, 10 January 2015

#Tarahi Mushaira on 26th January

What is Tarahi Mushaira?
In Tarahi Mushaira one line (misra-e-tarah) of a ghazal is provided by the organizers and the participants write their own shairs based on the same.
Misra-e-tarah for this Tarahi Mushaira is provided by @AshishJog

"Ye mulk humara hai, ye mulk tumhara hai"

Participants are requested to tweet their shairs based on the above misra-e-tarah. The shair should follow the same Qaafiya, Radeed and Beher. Please add hashtags #Tarahi and #Shair to your tweets.
Qaafiya, Radeef and Beher of the misra-e-tarah are explained below.

Qaafiya - "Tumhara"

Participants can use both "ara" (such as humara, sitara etc.)  as qaafiya.
Radeef - "Hai"

The given misra is set in Beher-e-Mazaara Musamman Akhrab. The arrangement of Arkaan in this Beher is as follows-

Maf-uu-lu   Faa-i-laa-tun  Maf-uu-lu  Faa-i-laa-tun
2-2-1          2-1-2-2           2-2-1        2-1-2-2
"Saare jahaa'n se achchha Hindostaa'n humaara" by Allama Iqbal is  set in this Beher.
This is the poem by Ashish Jog from which the misra is taken.
The description is also given by him.
members who may need help please consult @gulrayys , @doctornayab, @ashishjog , @abidzaidi1 for any doubts on how to write a verse with correct qaafiya, radeef and beher

iss hafte #shair mein

12th : Ahmed #Faraz ( birth anniversary)

13th: #Nasheman

14th : #KaifiAzmi
#Hafiz Jullandhury
( birth anniversaries of all 3 great poets)

 15th : #MohsinNaqvi ( death anniversary)
#Wasif Ali Wasif ( birth anniversary)

16th : #MyFav ( all Fridays reserved for my favorite couplets)
Verses which are tweeted should be in 2 or 3 for those who know Urdu language
That is you write the same verse in Roman, Urdu and Devanagari script

17th & 18th : Gham-e-Dauran Progressive urdu poetry ( please check out the names of poets of this movement and quote them only) Suggested by Shailendra Bhardwaj . Hashtag will be poets nameThe reason is also to learn new information regarding poets/ poetry

17th is also birthday of #JavedAkhtar

members feel that there should be no limit on verses tweeted . Please tweet good selection as per your discretion

Saturday, 3 January 2015

iss hafte #shair mein

Naye saal ki sabko mubarakbad

iss naye Saal mein kuchh naye tajurbe taake #shair ko aur behtar bana sake

iss hafte se 5 din ka schedule ... weekend par active rehang jab stab free hot hair or beech men do din ka araam.. ( to prevent reader fatigue)

Mon : #JaleelManikpuri
Ibrahim #Ashk

Wed : #Naakhuda

Fri : In every verse the theme of the day  word #kaala (black) should be used but only as an synonym.
Note #kaala itself should not be used only its synonyms.

Sat : #munsif

Sun : This verse is the theme :
"raftaa raftaa vo merii hastii kaa saamaa.N ho gaye 
pahale jaan phir jaan-e-jaa.N phir jaan-e-jaanaa.N ho gaye"

We have to tweet verses with one or two or more words from it 


Please try and tag new people and bring in new members.