Saturday, 10 January 2015

#Tarahi Mushaira on 26th January

What is Tarahi Mushaira?
In Tarahi Mushaira one line (misra-e-tarah) of a ghazal is provided by the organizers and the participants write their own shairs based on the same.
Misra-e-tarah for this Tarahi Mushaira is provided by @AshishJog

"Ye mulk humara hai, ye mulk tumhara hai"

Participants are requested to tweet their shairs based on the above misra-e-tarah. The shair should follow the same Qaafiya, Radeed and Beher. Please add hashtags #Tarahi and #Shair to your tweets.
Qaafiya, Radeef and Beher of the misra-e-tarah are explained below.

Qaafiya - "Tumhara"

Participants can use both "ara" (such as humara, sitara etc.)  as qaafiya.
Radeef - "Hai"

The given misra is set in Beher-e-Mazaara Musamman Akhrab. The arrangement of Arkaan in this Beher is as follows-

Maf-uu-lu   Faa-i-laa-tun  Maf-uu-lu  Faa-i-laa-tun
2-2-1          2-1-2-2           2-2-1        2-1-2-2
"Saare jahaa'n se achchha Hindostaa'n humaara" by Allama Iqbal is  set in this Beher.
This is the poem by Ashish Jog from which the misra is taken.
The description is also given by him.
members who may need help please consult @gulrayys , @doctornayab, @ashishjog , @abidzaidi1 for any doubts on how to write a verse with correct qaafiya, radeef and beher

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