Sunday, 26 July 2015

is hafte #shair mein

For the next month its going to be the Urdu alphabet as suggested by @gulrayys bhai 
I have made this week's all are welcome to send input for the other weeks 

27th -   - alif - a - 

آبرو شاہ مبارک

alif se #Abroo Shah Mubarak (1685-1733) Delhi
One of the founding fathers of Urdu poetry, contemporary of Mir Taqi Mir. 
Theme #abroo  - eyebrows 

28th ب - be ब -  
be se بے چین bechain बेचैन

29th ت - te त   
te se  غلام ربانی تاباںؔs photo غلام ربانی تاباںؔ
Ghulam Rabbani #Tabaan  
تلوک چند محرومs photo تلوک چند محروم
Trilok Chandra #Mehroom

30th ٹ -   ट    
ṭ se #tootna

31st   ث - se स  
ثروت حسینs photo ثروت حسین

 ثاقب لکھنوی
 ثروت زہرا

1st  ج - jiim -  ज  
goblet, bowl, cup

next week

چ - che - च  3rd #chehra

ح - he - ह  4th  #HabibJalib  جالب  حبئب

خ - khe -ख़ 5th  #khatra

د - d - द 6th  #Dagh Dehelvi  داغؔ دہلوی

ڈ  - ḍ -ड 7th  #dar ڈر

ذ - z -ज़ 8th 

10th - ر  र rei

11th - س स seen - #sawan

12th - ش श     sheen - #sharm  ( haya)

13th - ط तो to - #taqat  ( power/ strength of mind and character not just body)

14th - ظ ज़ zoe - #zulm #zalim

15th - #Azadi 

Next week 

17th ع ऐन   ain se #umr

18th غ se (ghain) #Ghalib

19th - ف फ़ se #fitrat ( aadat/ character traits like anger, kindness, cruelty etc)

20th ق क q se #QatilShifai

21st - گ   गा  g  se #garajbaraj  ( badal / barq / lightening/ thunder storms etc)

22nd - ل ल l se #lutf ( maza / aaram / pleasure/ fun etc)

Iss hafte

24th - م म  m se 
#Mahlaqa Chanda
#Mahshar Badayuni

25th - ن  न n se 
#nazuk ( delicate) 

26 th - و व w se Wali Daccani # WaliDaccani

27th - ے ए y se
#yaar ( dost)

28th - #Firaq Gorakhpuri (birth  anniversary )

29th - #HindiGhazal

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

based on the 'day of the week'
Prepared by @anandhalve

20 July, Monday: Mausam

21 July, Tuesday: Takraar

22 July, Wednesday: Wajood

23 July, Thursday: Tabassum

24 July, Friday: Faasla

25 July, Saturday: Sukuun

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

"ABCDEF" of Shayri Topics
Prepared by @AbidZaidi1

13th July :  #Anaa

14th July : #Bewafa /Wafa

15th July :  #Chaand /Chandni 

16th July : #Dard 

17th July : #Eemaan /Imandari 

18th July  : #Farz 

19th July : #Eid (festival) #khushi

We will switch topics in case Eid is announced for 18th as it's dependent on the moon

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

This week's  schedule  prepared by @shailendra_bj

He has planned it round a verse

Ek hi pathar lage hain har ibadatgaah men ,
Gadh liye hain ek But se sab ne afsane kaii.- Nazeer Banarasi 

6th  July -  #EK 
7th  July -  #Pathar  
8th  July -  #Ibadatgaah - Mandir Masjid etc.
9th  July -  #sanam (But)
10th July -  #awaam (sab)
11th July -  # Afsana

Friends there's an unfortunate  tendency to use different  hashtag.
Please do use the one given on blog.
If you feel this spelling is wrong then message  me I will change it here.
It should be universal