Friday, 30 October 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Made by Muzammil Bari @ArzKiaHai

2nd Nov #DOSTI (couplets that talk of friendship both in positive and negative light)

3rd Nov #BAADSHAH (Couplets having names of Kings or words like BAADSHAH, GHULAM, DARBAR, DARBAAN, HUKUMAT, WAZEER etc.)

4th Nov #MUKAMMAL -- Share couplets that have a combination of primary word PHOOL with any one (or more) of the following combination words – KAANTEIN, KHAAR, CHAMAN, BAAGH, RANG, PANKHUDI, KHUSHBOO, BAHAAR, MAALI, MITTI, PAANI. It’s mandatory to combine PHOOL with any of above options. 

5th Nov #KHWAHISH (couplets that bear the word Khwahish or also that deals with accomplished or unaccomplished wishes and desires, not necessarily only of romance.

6th Nov #MyFav (share your all-time favourite couplets.

7th Nov #JaunEliya  (Death anniversary on 8th Nov)

2nd week:

9th Nov ALLAMA #Iqbal (Birth anniversary)

10th Nov #Roshni (Diwali) (couplets that have words like noor, roshni, charaagh, diya, misbah, qindeel)  

11th Nov #LAKSHMI pooja (couplets that talk of money, bearing words like PAISA, RUPIYA, DHAN, DAULAT, MILKIYAT, SIKKA, NOTE, KAUDI, TAKA, DOLLAR, DINAR, DIRHAM or any currency)

12th Nov #AKHTAR ul Iman (Birth anniversary)
#iman ( theme)

13th Nov #MUKAMMAL -- Share couplets that have a combination of primary word DIL  with any one (or more) of the following combination words – DHADKAN, DARD, SOZ, JIGAR, SEENA, ZINDAGI, KHUSHI, AANSOON, GHAM, RAHAT, SUKOON, BECHANI)

14th Nov #BACHPAN (Children’s Day) Share couplets or links of video/audio of ghazals that talk of childhood. Any couplet bearing words like BACCHE, BACHPAN, SHARARAT, MASOOM, MASOOMIYAT and other attributes of childhood.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Based on suggestions by Muzammil Bari @ArzKiaHai

26th OCT  Bahadur Shah #Zafar (Birth anniversary on Oct 24 -we couldn't celebrate that day due to Moharrum )

27th Oct #bhasha (Share couplets that has a non-Urdu word/s any word of Hindi, Punjabi, English, Persian. However, the word should not be widely used in Urdu but should originally belong to other language.

28th Oct #ShahidMeer 
Meer Mohammadi #Bedar

29th Oct #Jadoo (Couplets that talk of magic, magical effects, etc or couplets having words like jaadu, saahir, sihir, tilism etc)

30th Oct #Mukammal  -- Share a couplet that has combination of primary word RAAT with any one (or more) of the following combination word -- KHWAAB, NEEND, ANDHERA, SIYAH, CHAND, CHANDNI, SITARE, KARWAT, BISTAR, BEDAARI, TANHAYI.    

31st Oct #Dohe

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Oct 19 #TASHBIH (couplets in which the poet compares one entity with another, eg. chand aur chehra, zulf-badal, ashk-moti, mahendi-khoon etc.)  

Oct 20 #FILMIGHAZAL (share video/audio links to your favourite filmi ghazals (solo or duet). Kindly do not include geet/qawwali/bhajan etc. Only compositions in ghazal format i.e AA, BA, CA, DA)

Oct 21 #JUGALBANDI (Couplets that centre around jugal bandi between lovers. Eg. Roothna-manana / rejection of love proposal / request for meeting etc.)

Oct 22 #FATEH (all couplets which celebrate the victory of good over evil , right over might - jung , neki ,  badi etc related to  Dussehra )

Oct 23 #TAZAAD (couplets having opposite words [Antonyms] in same couplet. eg. Zindagi-maut, din-raat, beqarari-sukoon, kaala-safed, mohabbat-nafrat, etc.)  

Oct 24 #HAQ
(all verses related to  Moharrum - marsiya , soz etc)

Oct 25th #SAHIR Ludhianvi
Death anniversary

Sunday, 11 October 2015

iss hafte #Shair mein

 This schedule is made is made based on suggestions by @mykhyd
12th : #NidaFAzli #birthday

13th : #AmeerMinai #death Anniversary

14th : #kiran (any word which is related to sun rays  and sunrise/ sunset - e.g. ufuq(horizon), shafaq (twilight), dhundhaka (twilight), sanjh (twilight),  etc

15th : #fikr - any verse which reflects in the philosophy of life , love, existence or makes you think

16th : #MustafaZaidi #birthanniversary

17th :  #Mukammal
Complete The Couplet - members have to complete couplet using any of the given set of words
1. Andaaz & duniya
2. qaza & umr
3. qayamat/ hashr & roz
4. Din/ raat
5. Khwaab/ neend
6. Wasl/ hijr
7. Hum/ tum 
8. Subah/shaam

or any verse which has similar meaning words

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Schedule made by @ArzKiaHai Muzammil Bari

5th Oct #WAQT (aspects of time eg. Lamha, ghadi, pal, din, raat, mahina, saal, sadi, baras, etc)

6th Oct #ROOHANIYAT (couplets that talk of human relation with the Almighty; devotion, faith etc)

7th Oct #BegumAkhtar (Birth anniversary) (share audio/video links to ghazals sung by Begum Akhtar)

8th Oct
#Takabbur - pride (MuhMiyanMitthu) (Share couplets wherein poet indulges in excessive pride and self-satisfaction in one's achievements, possessions, patience or abilities)
#inkesaari - humility  (Any famous poet’s self-deprecating couplets wherein he belittles undervalues /underestimates himself)

9th Oct #SHAIRA (only works of poetesses from the subcontinent)

10th Oct #JagjitSingh (Death anniversary) Share ghazals sung by him that mostly talk of the irony of life and death.