Sunday, 4 October 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Schedule made by @ArzKiaHai Muzammil Bari

5th Oct #WAQT (aspects of time eg. Lamha, ghadi, pal, din, raat, mahina, saal, sadi, baras, etc)

6th Oct #ROOHANIYAT (couplets that talk of human relation with the Almighty; devotion, faith etc)

7th Oct #BegumAkhtar (Birth anniversary) (share audio/video links to ghazals sung by Begum Akhtar)

8th Oct
#Takabbur - pride (MuhMiyanMitthu) (Share couplets wherein poet indulges in excessive pride and self-satisfaction in one's achievements, possessions, patience or abilities)
#inkesaari - humility  (Any famous poet’s self-deprecating couplets wherein he belittles undervalues /underestimates himself)

9th Oct #SHAIRA (only works of poetesses from the subcontinent)

10th Oct #JagjitSingh (Death anniversary) Share ghazals sung by him that mostly talk of the irony of life and death.

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