Sunday, 25 October 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Based on suggestions by Muzammil Bari @ArzKiaHai

26th OCT  Bahadur Shah #Zafar (Birth anniversary on Oct 24 -we couldn't celebrate that day due to Moharrum )

27th Oct #bhasha (Share couplets that has a non-Urdu word/s any word of Hindi, Punjabi, English, Persian. However, the word should not be widely used in Urdu but should originally belong to other language.

28th Oct #ShahidMeer 
Meer Mohammadi #Bedar

29th Oct #Jadoo (Couplets that talk of magic, magical effects, etc or couplets having words like jaadu, saahir, sihir, tilism etc)

30th Oct #Mukammal  -- Share a couplet that has combination of primary word RAAT with any one (or more) of the following combination word -- KHWAAB, NEEND, ANDHERA, SIYAH, CHAND, CHANDNI, SITARE, KARWAT, BISTAR, BEDAARI, TANHAYI.    

31st Oct #Dohe

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