Sunday, 18 October 2015

Iss hafte #shair mein

Oct 19 #TASHBIH (couplets in which the poet compares one entity with another, eg. chand aur chehra, zulf-badal, ashk-moti, mahendi-khoon etc.)  

Oct 20 #FILMIGHAZAL (share video/audio links to your favourite filmi ghazals (solo or duet). Kindly do not include geet/qawwali/bhajan etc. Only compositions in ghazal format i.e AA, BA, CA, DA)

Oct 21 #JUGALBANDI (Couplets that centre around jugal bandi between lovers. Eg. Roothna-manana / rejection of love proposal / request for meeting etc.)

Oct 22 #FATEH (all couplets which celebrate the victory of good over evil , right over might - jung , neki ,  badi etc related to  Dussehra )

Oct 23 #TAZAAD (couplets having opposite words [Antonyms] in same couplet. eg. Zindagi-maut, din-raat, beqarari-sukoon, kaala-safed, mohabbat-nafrat, etc.)  

Oct 24 #HAQ
(all verses related to  Moharrum - marsiya , soz etc)

Oct 25th #SAHIR Ludhianvi
Death anniversary

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