Sunday, 11 October 2015

iss hafte #Shair mein

 This schedule is made is made based on suggestions by @mykhyd
12th : #NidaFAzli #birthday

13th : #AmeerMinai #death Anniversary

14th : #kiran (any word which is related to sun rays  and sunrise/ sunset - e.g. ufuq(horizon), shafaq (twilight), dhundhaka (twilight), sanjh (twilight),  etc

15th : #fikr - any verse which reflects in the philosophy of life , love, existence or makes you think

16th : #MustafaZaidi #birthanniversary

17th :  #Mukammal
Complete The Couplet - members have to complete couplet using any of the given set of words
1. Andaaz & duniya
2. qaza & umr
3. qayamat/ hashr & roz
4. Din/ raat
5. Khwaab/ neend
6. Wasl/ hijr
7. Hum/ tum 
8. Subah/shaam

or any verse which has similar meaning words

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