Sunday, 14 July 2013

#shair schedule for 15th to 20th July

F15th July : Asararul Haq #Majaz 

16th July : #jurm 

17th July : #Munir Niazi & #Azm Behzad

18th July : #khaak / mitti 

19th July : #Aasi Ghazipuri & #Bekal Utsahi

20th & 21st July will be misra e tarah ( a line will be given to you and you have to complete it) 
The line / misra is 
" rahegi naa hasti qaraar aate aate"
( please maintain a standard. You can do tukbandi if you are unable to write seeious poetry but even that should make sense via humour) 
And do RT and encourage our budding poets 

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