Saturday, 4 May 2013

#shair schedule for 6th May to 11th May

6th May : #Mohsin Naqvi birth anniversary 5/5/1947

7th May : #aab ( paani )

8th May : #Daagh Dehalvi

9th May : #ibteda ( word of the week )

10th May #Kaifi Azmi 14/1/1919---------10/5/2002 death anniversary

11th May : Myfav

NOTE: Members are requested to follow certain rules : adaab e mehfil
1. Please don't tag more than 2 people.... it spoils the effect of the verse
2. Do NOT shorten, abbreviate words inside the verse to fit in mentions... its the verse which is important not mentions
3. You can tag @shairoftheday instead and those interested will go and read there
4. Do not post a flood of verses on a given topic as no one reads them : they become irrelevant....
Post 10 or so but your favourites. Take time to read them yourself and give meanings. that way everyone enjoys them
yeh anaari ki bandook nahi hai ke andhaa dhun chalaa di

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