Sunday, 28 April 2013

#shair schedule 29th April to 4th May

29th april : since not too much online material is available on these poets am keeping 3 together... Members do hear and transcribe from their YouTube videos of mushairas

#Anjum Rehbar, #Bahhzad Laknnavi and #Himayet Ali Shayer

30th April : #jazba ( word of the week ) suggested by @kumarvinaye

1st May : Mirza Haider Ali #Atish

2nd May : #mahtaab ( moon -qamar, hilaal, maahe ) in Hindi चाँद, हिमांशु, इंदु, सुधाकर, विधु, शशि, चंद्रमा, तारापति, राकेश, मयंक, रजनीश, अम्भोज, उपग्रह.

3rd May : #khushi ( theme ... all synonyms accepted

4th May #Akhtar Shirani birth anniversary 4/5/1905 -----------9/9/1948

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