Sunday, 20 May 2012

#Shair Schedule 21st May to 26th May

21st May : #Takhallus ( post only those shers which have the poets name in it For eg :

Gam-e-hastii kaa 'Asad' kis se ho juz marg ilaaj
shammaa har rang me.n jalatii hai sahar hone tak


kyaa sabab tuu jo biga.Dataa hai "Zafar" se har baar
Khuu terii huur-e-shamaa_il kabhii aisii to na thii

22nd May : #Gunaah

23rd May : #Asmaan

24th May : #Majrooh Sultanpuri (Birthday)

25th May : #Daagh Dahalvi (Birthday)

26th May : #Tukbandi

Members PLEASE don't use hashtag #Shair for posts other than the schedule.

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