Thursday, 19 July 2012

#shair schedule from 20th July to 28th July

20th to 22nd July :#ibaadat / pooja / bhakti

23rd &24th July : the works of Sufi poets such as
Amir Khusrau / Bulle Shah /Waris Shah/ Baba Farid / Sultan Bahu/ Shah Latif/ Sarmast

25th July : #Rahat Indori

26th July: #amal / niyat/ akhlaaq ( this is just a theme and it isn't essential to include the words)

27th July : women poets. (excluding Parvin Shakir)

28th July : #burhapa / umr / tajurba ( again its only theme and word doesnt have to be included)


On suggestion by many members we will be trying an experiment to improve quality of #shair

Each member is requested to post only their TOP 10 ashaar on each topic or shayar and not to tag members, so that everyone can read and RT the ones they like. Tag only @shairoftheday if you want to since I RT tweets from there.
This way members will search for the hashtag #shair instead of just reading the ones they are tagged in.It will increase readership as currently many
Non members dont read unless tagged.
Thanks and please send feedback

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