Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jan Nisar Akhtar - subh ke dard ko raaton ki jalan ko bhulen

today in the series Hindustan ki away Salman Akhtar, son of jan Nisar Akhtar  had a very interesting anecdote to tell us.
Jan Nisar Akhtar went to a friend's house and found that begum Akhtar was singing to a select gathering.
She had just sung her second ghazal when she saw JanNisar Akhtar and to the greta surprise of the hostess asked for a break. The hostess asked her to sing a few more before taking a break but Begum Akhtar Insisted.
Thinking it must be something serious the hostess agreed. Begum Akhtar then told her I don't know a ghazal of JanNisar Akhtar and since he is in the audience it would be extremely rude if I didn't sing anything by him.
Why don't you select a ghazal and write 4 verses of it and leave it on the bed. I will quickly go, learn it and set it to tune.
The hostess a very good friend of Jan Nisar Akhtar went to him and said why don't you choose a ghazal for her to sing.
He said if she can learn and set to tune 4 verses in such a short time, I can definitely write a new ghazal for her.
On the spot he write

Sub_h Ke Dard Ko Raato.n Kii Jalan Ko Bhuule.n
Kisake Ghar Jaaye.N Ki Us Vaadaa-Shikan Ko Bhuule.n

Aaj Tak ChoT Dabaaye Nahii.n Dabatii Dil Kii
Kis Tarah Us Sanam-E-Sang_badan Ko Bhuule.n

Ab Sivaa Isake Madaavaa-E-Gam-E-Dil Kyaa Hai
Itanii Pii Jaaye.N Ki Har Ra.nj-O-Mehan Ko Bhuule.n

Aur Tahaziib-E-Gam-E-Ishq Nibaah De Kuchh Din
AaKhirii Vaqt Me.n Kyaa Apane Chalan Ko Bhuule.n

she went upstairs found the paper on the end, learnt it and came downstairs and rendered it

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