Thursday, 3 April 2014

#shair saalgirah 5-6th April 2011 with a brief history

The concept of #shair was proposed by me on 5th April 2011

First tweet in #shair was by @dandiwakh on 6th April 

It was initially called #ShairOfTheDay but as it was too long and the limitation of 140 words meant that verse was curtailed on the suggestion of members it was curtailed to just #shair 

The theme based verses were the idea of @auteurpravesh @mehranzaidi @aaquib and @dandiwakh
The first tweet on the theme #intezaar was by @dandiwakh

We are all indebted to Gaurav Sharma (@dandiwakh) for preserving these tweets

First tweet of @shairoftheday handle. Before that i used my own handle 

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