Sunday, 21 September 2014

iss hafte #shair mein

22nd : #Momin Khan Momin

23rd : #ijaazat

24th : #Baitbazi ( instead of group it will be individual. You have to start next verse with last letter of your previous tweeted verse.... & here I will take the roman letter as not many can read Urdu script)
eg :
kis ne rokaa hai sar-e-raah-e-mohabbat tum ko
tumhe.n nafrat hai to nafrat se tum aa.o jaao

( in urdu it would be the letter wao but we will take it as 'o' and 'w')
second tweet should be

os pade bahaar par aag lage kanaar me.n 
tum jo nahii.n kanaar me.n luTf hii kya bahaar mein 

You must add the letter it ends on in tweet itself. You can tag friends to tweet sherr with the letter your verse ends on

25th : #MustafaZaidi
#Muzaffar Warsi

26th  : #DilSe ( dil ki baatein - your mood/emotions they can be anything happiness, sorrow, laughter etc)

27th : #Dushyant Kumar (birth anniversary )

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