Sunday, 5 October 2014

Iss hafte #shair mein

6th Oct     #HaqiqiIshq 
( we tend to confuse Id uz Adha with just Bakried and the qurbaani. Doctor Nayab pointed this out that the celebration of this Eid is to celebrate the unquestioned love that H Ibrahim had for his God that he was ready to sacrifice his son. So this Eid it will be Ishq e  Haqiqi or love for the Creator. You can include sufi, bhakti, gurbaani anything which is devoted to expressing love for the Maker

7th Oct     #BegumAkhtar (All her Ghazals, Birth Anniversary)  

8th Oct     #Khushi

9th Oct     #Gulzar

10th Oct    #JagjitSingh (All his Ghazals, Death Anniversary)

11th Oct    #Chaand  (Karwa Chauth)

Except for 6th Oct which is suggested by Doctor Nayab the schedule has been prepared by Rajni @Kuhu_bole

I will be traveling most of this moth and next   and may not have access to internet so preparing next week's schedule too

12th : Nida Fazli (birthday)
MustafaZaidi(death anniversary)

13th : #AmirMinai (death anniversary)

14th : #sheher ( any verse which refers to a geographical area)

15th : #Roothna/Manana

16th : #MeenaKumari


17th : #dua /asar

18Th : #zulf

Diwali week will be prepared by @sai_ki_Bitiya as always

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