Sunday, 23 November 2014

iss hafte #shair mein

24th : #shehr-e-dil ( verses related to ( which mention) your birthplace, city, province/state or any art, craft which is famous in and around your birthplace)

25th : #qismat ( but only from the works of 4 selected poets- please mention name too

1. Firaq Gorakhpuri
2. Ghalib
3. Sahir Ludhianvi
4. Daagh Dehlvi

26th : #MRana ( birthday)

27th : #HRBachchan ( birth anniversary)
mai aur  maikhana  (sharaab) in honor of #madhushala

28th : #Tukbandi and parody of famous verses

29yh #ASJAfri ( birth anniversary)

1. Please don't tag more than 2 people as the beauty of the verse is lost.
2. Please do explain meanings of difficult words
3. #shair is losing its charm by excessive copy & paste tweeting.....
enjoy the experience yourself and help others too
4. You can tag one friend and the other can be @shairoftheday

Please keep sending suggestions to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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  1. 1: Is this the best option to communicate?

    2: 28th : #Tukbandi and parody of famous verses

    Self-created tukbandi allowed or not?


    I do not know how would you like to respond - I am providing herewith my email id: