Sunday, 18 September 2016

iss hafte #shair mein

19th : any verse which has opposites in it #tazaad
for example talks of jeena / marna

20th : Mir Taqi #Mir

21st : #bashar (human being)

22nd : any verse which starts and ends with letter  'a'

23rd : Ramdhari Singh #Dinkar ( Birth anniversary)
#VeerRas ( any verses on bravery)

24th : "dushmanii laakh sahii KHatm na kiije rishta
dil mile yaa na mile haath milaate rahiye"
Nida fazli
( any verses which talk of the same feeling )

25th : #KanhaiyalalNandan ( death anniversary)
This week's #kavya is based on suggestions by @kuhu_bole and @narpatipareek7
Note: Many members forget to add #shair to #kavya. Please do add as its a section of #sshair

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