Sunday, 16 October 2016

iss hafte #shair mein

 kyaa gul khilegaa dekhiye hai fasl-e-gul tau duurr
aur suu-e-dasht bhaagte hain kuchh abhi se ham
 (theme verse by Momin Khan Momin)

17th : #gul

18th : #duur

19th : Asar-ul Haq #Majaz ( birth anniversary)

20th : #dasht (wilderness)

21st : #bhaagte ( any verse which talks of movement)

22nd : #abhi ( any verse which talks of time)

23rd : Shivmangal Singh #Suman  #shair #kavya
Please use all three hashtags
(Kavya based on suggestions by Narpati Pareek and Anand Pandey)

NOTE : Very Important members please don't tag more than 2 people. It spoils the beauty of the verse

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