Saturday, 24 December 2016

#Ghalib salgirah ke #shair mein :

This week will be dedicated to Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib on occasion of his birth anniversary.
Popular words associated with Ghalib that make him super-famous:
Dec 26: #Sharaab (Only Ghalib’s verses on wine, using hashtag or its synonyms)

Dec 27 th #Ghalib verses to caption the photograph
(Will add the photo directly on twitter)

Dec 28: #Khat (verses that bear the hashtag or its synonyms, risala, paigham, etc)

Dec 29: #Khuda (Only Ghalib’s verses that involve or address the Almighty)

Dec 30: #Dard (verses that bear the hashtag or synonyms like kasak, soz, etc.)

Dec 31: #Khwahish (Only Ghalib’s verses that talk of unfulfilled desires, unaccomplished dreams, discontent, displeasure, incompleteness, etc.)
Schedule including photo sent by Muzammil Bari

Jan 1: #Kavya
Gopal sharan singh
vinod kumar shukl
  #Hasrat Mohani
 #Rahat Indori (birth anniv)

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