Wednesday, 30 November 2011

#Shair Schedule for 28th Nov to 4th Dec 2011

#shair schedule:
Mon:zulm/Tue:RahatIndori/Wed:bachche/Thu:HasratMohani/Fri:paani/Sat : marsiya

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  1. Dear Rana Safvi, I am please to see here too. here I"ll say same words, due to what U blocked me in twitter. So why u repeat the Same poets and schedules every time, I gave u many suggestions many times, but u never accept or respect them. There are many poets having online presence now but u also regret my opinion. I hope u will unblock me from twitter and try to see my requests. by this unblocking ur Democratic behavior will be improved and this will be a right treatment of an Urdu Lover.
    Thanks a lot

    Mohammad Zakwan Nadeem
    Admin of @the_shorish (