Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tarahi Mushaira

Details given by Sushant


These are compiled details :-

There will be a tahari mushaira on 20-11-2011.

Tahari Mushaira is a mushaira in which all shayar read their ghazal based on the same misra or Zameen.

Misra :- "Apne apne hausle ki baat hai"

Misra is from famous urdu poet jaa nisaar akhtar's gazal ..

Kaafiya :- aat
Radeef :- Hai
Bahar :- faylatun faylatun failun (2122 2122 212)

Kaafiya examples :- Raat, Baat, Aukaat, Sath (Saat), Hath(haat)

No minimum requirement of no. Of sher, Even one will do..

Using that misra in the gazal is not necessary, you have to use zameen of that misra(radeef,kafiya,bahar) in your gazal.

For ghazal lessons you can go to ghazal classes of ..

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  1. This is really a praise worthy effort. It will help many Urdu #Shairi lovers improve their composing Ash,aars in bahr (metre).Those with poetic talent would be able to advance their skill. I'm fully confident it would be able to generate an enthusiasm with regard to raeding and expressing new, novel poetry.

  2. Let me know for any Shari mushayera (Tarahi-Ghair Tarahi)

    ~Syed Amir Hussain Abdi (Amir Hindustani)