Sunday, 1 April 2012

#shaır schedule 2nd Aprıl to 7th Aprıl

2nd Aprıl : #dhoop ( garmı)

3rd Aprıl : all ashaar startıng wıth letter 'h'

4th Aprıl : #nıgaahen

5th Aprıl : #Khumar Barabankwı

6th Aprıl : #Jıgar Moradabadı (bırthday)

7th & 8th Aprıl : #baıtbaazı

Rules: Please tag the person the person wıth whom you want to exchange ashaar . That person replıes wıth last letter of ashaar.
Every member must tag at least 5-10 other members to make ıt fun.
If tagged Member cant reply to the tweet ( wıth sher usıng last letter ) then sender can gıve a forfıet
Lets enjoy these two days well.
You can tag max 2 members ın each tweet

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